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Energetics and Chakras

Let your vibration be your guide. Find oils by energetic aspect and also by the chakras.


Let your nose be your guide. Find oils by particular scents

Therapeutic Benefits

Let the science be your guide. Find oils by therapeutic benefit they possess

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Pure essential oils you can trust, directly from the farmers we trust! Ethically Farmed, Ethically Priced.

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Aromatherapy Certification

Become a Certified Aromatherapist!

Stillpoint Studies 250 hour ACP

Join us in January for our next ACP
in beautiful Sedona

Aromatherapy Certification

Bella's Blend

The purpose of this blend is to assist with a major shock and or trauma, the grief that follows and the courage to go on.

Bella's Blend

Our Essentials Oils Are...

Certified organic, wild harvested or un sprayed.
Batch specific GC/MS tested
Nitrogen capped to prevent oxidation
Not pre-poured We hand pour each bottle with conscious intention.

Our Essentials Oils Are...

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Printable GC/MS Reports

Batch Specific Gas Chromatography/ Mass Spectrometry reports available!

We test our oils so you can know the chemistry and know the oil!

Printable GC/MS Reports

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Upcoming Workshops

1 - Aroma Mastery Program (AMP) 180 Hour Advanced Course

April 1st 2015

Spring session begins April 1st 2015

2 - Harvest and Distillation Aromatherapy Course

June 26th 2015

June 26th  - June 28th 2015

4 - Essential oils - Molecules, electrical impulses and energy with Cathy Skipper

July 17th 2015

Essential oils - Molecules, electrical impulses and energy!
July 17th - July 18th

5 - Aromatherapy Teacher Training Course

September 23rd 2015

September 23rd - 27th 2015

6 - Stillpoint Living in Balance Mystery School

October 14th 2015

October 14th - 18th 2015
We are the ones we have been waiting for!

7 - Plant Parts, Folklore & Energetics of Essential Oils

October 30th 2015

October 30th- November 1st 2015

Misunderstood Essential Oils Aromatherapy Course

February 19th 2016

February 19th - 21st 2016