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Deodorant Tubes w/ Caps

Deodorant Tubes w/ Caps

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The .35 oz natural oval balm tubes
are only 2" tall, and are offered with natural caps. A ribbed turning wheel at the base of the oval balm tube allows for your product to be neatly dispensed. The unique oval shape offers a fresh new look and could possibly be used for products such as lip balms, deodorants, solid sunscreens, cosmetics, insect repellants, and solid fragrances to name a few. The sleek design makes this oval balm tube a perfect travel item that can fit neatly in your purse or pockete.

The 2.65 oz (75 gram) white plastic deodorant tubes are made from polypropylene plastic and include smooth white dome caps. The oval deodorant tube barrels each have a turning wheel mechanism that gradually pushes up the product for use. These white plastic tubes could be ideal for products such as deodorant, lotion bars, beauty products and mor


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