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Stillpoint's Trauma Remedy Flower Essence (STR)

Stillpoint's Trauma Solution Flower Essence  is a combination of 6 flower essences . This particular flower essence is to used in times of extreme stress, shock, trauma or grief.
This particular flower essence is similar in nature to Dr Bach's Rescue Remedy.
Joy and Cynthia and Bella chica worked with Nature and the plants and trees to come up this this combination of Stillpoint's flower essence.  Originally it was going to be five essences but oleander could not be left out.
The six flower essences combined to make Stillpoints Trauma Remedy are:

  • Cistus (Rock Rose) (Cistus Ladaniferus- mending all wounds, alleviates shock, trauma, panic and fear
  • Cherry Plum (Prunus cerasifera)  - hope, connection to the Divine Mother and mothering of self,  being in the Now,  trusting one's own wisdom and information
  • White Storm Rose - (Rosa jacare) - floursh and grow, weather any storm, unconditional love and acceptance of self, others and situations
  • Marigold (Tagetes minuta) - death and rebirth, ability to feel and release grief, trauma,  and upset, renewal, seeing the sunny side of the situation
  • Pinon Pine (Pinus edulis) - grounding, balance of Pineal Gland, release of anger, immortality of soul, moving forward, making things work for you
  • Oleander (Nerium olenader) - reprogramming subconscious patterning, safety, releasing fear, connection to spirit, coming from love
A word about flower essences in general - Flower Essences capture the energetic imprint, or signature of a plant. Flowers are the highest expression of the life force of a plant, this energy and expression is transferred into and captured by water, and preserved with brandy. Recent research indicates that water holds memory and also has a consciousness.
Flower essences are usually taken internally. A drop or two under the tongue or a drops in a glass of water sipped throughout the day. They also can be used topically. But they are purely energetic. No fillers, no oil, not essential oil, not a hydrosol or essential water

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