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Teacher Training - The Stillpoint Method

40-hour Hybrid Aromatherapy Teacher Training Program

September 28th - October 2nd Live INPERSON and/or VIRUTAL
November 9th- 13th, 2022 Distillation Retreat (discounted) INPERSON SEDONA

You’ve decided to invest in yourself and teach the magic and science of aromatherapy!!!  One can not be taught withot the other - they must be integrated.

Stillpoint's Teacher Training is Back due to repeated requests - join me and learn how to teach in an intergerated and effective matter 

Learn to Teach by a Master Teacher with her Masters in Education

Stillpoint's  5-Day Teacher Training Program is a 40 hour program designed to assist you in becoming an effective and dynamic aromatherapy instructor. This program is not limited to those who wish to formally teach aromatherapy workshops, but open to all who teach their clients, patients, etc throughout their day and life. The Aromatherapy industry is so in need (now-more than ever) of knowledgeable trained aromatherapists that can teach and share a balanced approach using essential oils. Join us in this exciting journey to becoming a true teacher of aromatherapy and expanding your career and knowledge in the wonderful world of essential oils.

Being able to effectively teach takes much more that a weekend course and receiving rights to a manual to teach from.  Integration is the key to being an effective teacher.  Integration of what you bring to the table from your life experience, integration of your kn owledge of the subject matter and. most importantly, your ability to read your students.  You must be able to recognize their learning style, gift order and the way they process information. It is only then that you can create an effective lesson plan and actually teach.

It really doesn't get beter than this.  I can say with all assurity this is one of the most comprehensive teacher training programs out there.  


A Personal Approach to Aromatherapy Education 

  • V. Joy has been teaching for over 36 years!!!  A LOT OF EXPERIENCE!!
  • Holds her Masters degree in Education with concentration in Math and Science
  • While teaching elementary school she worked extensively with Columbia University as a “turn key “ teacher to train the teachers in her district in the “Teaching of Reading and Writing”
  • She has been working with essential oils and aromatherapy for over 40 years and is a  Certified Clinical Certification in Aromatherapy.
  • She is published in aromatherapy journals and has spoken at national Aromatherapy Conferences
  • She owns and runs Stillpoint Aromatics and imports over 450 Essential oils.  SHE KNOWS OILS
  • Sh has formal training in Energy Medicine and grief Counseling - SHE KNOWS ENERGY
  • If you would like to read more click here 


Highlights of the Program

  • The core values of Wholistic Aromatherapy the Stillpoint Way 
  • To create and provide a learning environment for your students that will allow growth and individuality
  • To build community in your classroom to encourage synergistic classroom experiences for your students
  • To design meaningful and creative hands on experiences for your class
  • To seemly blend the energetics into the therapeutics of the oils 
  • Tailor your lesson plans for different levels of learners
  • To recognize the different gift orders of your students
  • To design a variety of lesson plans with objectives and outcomes
  • About different learning styles and behaviors
  • The importance of recognizing your students gift orders and their effect on learning
  • Teaching approach based on Steiner’s Waldorf Education and Anthroposphy
  • To foster the connection to the plants and trees for your students
  • How to develop curriculum and the importance of research
  • Techniques to maneuver through “unexpected obstacles”
  • How to market your class and track expense vs income
  • How to follow your own road, be an aromatherapy pioneer, and flying free!
  • AND much much more


You will Receive:

  • The rights to Stillpoint Weekend Workshop The Therapeutic and Metaphysical Uses of Essential Oils to use for your weekend workshops along with an easy to follow lesson plan which include detailed teaching outline with what to teach , when to each it and how to teach it.  Suggested activities and  timing are clearlly expressed to help guide you.
  • This weekend workshop is valued at $495.00. If you have three students in your first class you have paid for your investment. 
  • Teacher’s manual, student manual, hard copy as well as digital copy of the 19-hour workshop
  • How, What, Where When and Why details about teaching aromatherapy
  • Resources for research and keeping current with the developments in aromatherapy
  • Substantial discounts on essential oils from Stillpoint Aromatics
  • Ongoing support from Joy to help you with challenges that you will meet in the classroom along the journey.
  • Access to over 400 essential oils during your training (if you are onsite) while you create your own custom curriculum!
  • Perspectives on teaching from two different points of view from professional educators
  • A deepening of your relationship to the plants and trees


A Personal Approach to Aromatherapy Education 

I’m so excited that you are considering studying with me. I think about your learning just as I think about my own: it has to be a relevant growth experience. That is why it’s important to me that I become personally invested in you. We work together to reach your goal and we will get there.

I value your time.

When class starts, we hit the ground running and make the most of our time together with hands-on blending, informative lectures, awesome discussions, multimedia presentations, individual exercises, group study, and time in the wilderness of Sedona experiencing the botanicals of our magical forests. Your daily agenda will be packed and time will fly.

I value your belly.

Although Frederick the Great was likely the first military leader to say, “An army marches on its stomach,” I may be the first aromatherapy leader to say, “The more bountiful the food spread in my classroom, the more productive the learning.” You will have a breakfast buffet that morphs into a snack buffet (some consider it lunch) and evolves into late afternoon munchies. You’ll see me continually updating the buffet while you are doing seat work or blending exercises.

I value your learning style.

I believe adult learning should be engaging always, fun sometimes, and sprinkled with a great deal of reflection. I believe we all need to feel safe and be able to make learning mistakes. I believe we all have individual styles and modes in which we learn better. As your instructor, it is my job to create an environment in which you feel most empowered to learn.

Most importantly, I value you.

You have many choices of where to go for your aromatherapy certification and I thank you for choosing me. I strive to surprise you and offer you much more than the basic certification syllabus. When you come to learn with me, you will, of course, leave with a strong understanding of chemistry and therapeutics. In addition, you will leave with a love for the magic and power of essential oils along with a foundational understanding of vibrational healing. When you leave, you will have arrived at the first crossroad of aromatherapy, where your intuition and passion meet to open you to new possibilities.

Stillpoint Teacher Training Certification Details

Class Hours: 

September 28th to October 2nd 9:30 - 5:30pm

  • Price $1500
  • PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE - $300 deposit
  • Special Offer - If you are already a certifed teacher or enrolled in a teacher training program at another school - Contact me for a 50% off  discount code
  • Classes are NON REFUNDABLE oonce they are underway and full balance is due

Class Setting: Enjoy a peaceful class setting in a retreat atmosphere in Sedona, Arizona. Contact us for details or online via Zoom 

  • This class will be recorded so you do not have to be present live to benefit from it

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