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Spotlight Class - Aromatherapy and Pets

3 Hours

Essential Oils, Energetics, Aromatherapy for Pets
3 Hour LIVE Online Spotlght Course

 Recorded Live October 18th, 2022

It's time to bust the myths around using aromatherapy with pets, and have fun doing it! Finally, information backed by research on how to help your pet benefit from essential oils and aromatherapy. No more Internet-based pseudo-science. No more half-truths or scare tactics.  It's as simple as that. 

In this mini class we will look at all PET "stuff" both therapeutically and vibrationally. 

  • Understand the self-selection method
  • How smell and taste are used to achieve homeostasis
  • How the chakras affect your pets health 
  • Color therpy for healing and wellnes for pets
  • Routes and dosage of essential oils
  • How to be safe, working with essential oils and your animal

After our time together you will:

  • You will Be able to begin exploring using essential oils as remedies SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY with your pets.
  • Have in your "medicine bag of knowledge"  Recipes to help your fur baby with common pet ailments that we all deal with ie.allergies, fleas, hot spots, digestion issues etc. 
  • Feel confident in using essential oils around and with your PETS

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