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Spotlight Class - Blending Out of The Box

Blending Out of the Box
4 Hour (2 part)  LIVE Online Mini Master Class

Recorded live on
June 28th and June 29th 2021

There are so so so many ways in which we can formulate and blend.  Do not be limited by Essential Oil "recipes" in books or on the internet.  Learn how to blend out of the box.

In this two part 4 Hour Mini Class we will look at various ways to blend essential oil and extracts for both physical and emotional issues.

We will talk about:
  • How to make essential oil substitutions in formulations
  • Blending for therapeutic issues
  • Blending for emotional issues
  • Blending by Chemistry
  • Blending by Plant Part
  • Blending for Chakras and the Energetic Body
  • How to "Read" an Oil
  • Safety 

Break free from the constraints of traditional blending techniques and jump down this rabbit hole with me. 

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