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Spotlight Class - Sniffle

What can you do when you start to sniffle?
This Class was Recoreded Live on Friday - January 21st at 4PM MST 
When you purchase the Recorded Live Class, you will Recieve:

Access to the Class Forever
The Presentation Slides
The Stillpoint Protocol and Virus Book 

Picture this. It’s 10 pm on Friday. You’re just getting ready to go to bed, and you feel that tickle in the back of your throat. You sneeze a few times, your cheeks flush and your sinuses start to flood. You’re starting to get sick, and it’s late. You don’t have a fever or feel bad enough to go to urgent care, but you sure don’t want to get worse. So, what can you do?
Turns out, quite a bit!
The important thing is to take action to prevent the first sniffle from moving into the lower respiratory system!!
Join me and my dear friend and herbalist, Jessie Cross, from Salem, Massachusetts, to learn practical tips, tricks, and recipes you can start to use when you first start to sniffle. Together, we’ll teach you how to start to care for yourself at home like the herb wives, wise women, grandmothers and kitchen witches of old. We’ll share our personal strategies and recipes for handling seasonal colds and flu.
You’ll learn how to:
  • Empower yourself! Gain insight into how your body and basic seasonal infections work.
  • Be your own health care detective.
  • Make time-tested, traditional folk remedies.
  • Use herbs, essential oils, vitamins, and food to support your health and immune system.
  • Immediately take command when you start to feel sick—even if it’s the middle of the night or the weekend.
  • Support your system naturally—and know when to seek professional medical attention.
Many essential oils, herbs and common household items can be powerful "medicine" for common physical  respiratory ailments.  When used with knowledge, in a knowledgeable and safe way, we can care for OURSELVES and our loved ones and take our power back!

With winter illnesses, prevention and early treatment may be critical to help keep them from progressing! We hope you can join us for this timely free informational class.  Join us on Friday, January 21st at 4PM MST for the Sniffle Spotlight Free Masterclass! We will have fun, share and learn together!


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