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Flower Essence ALMOST FREE Mini Course

Flower Essence Mini Course
Out of the therapeutic bottle and into the energetic garden
The connection between plants, essential oils and flower essences
This was taped live on Wednesday, April 7th, 2021
The recent trend over the past few years in aromatherapy seems to have been a tremendous focus on the therapeutic use and chemistry and GCMS reports. The “whole” value of the plant or tree also seems to have taken a back seat to the medicinal value of certain chemical components. I hear so frequently, “There is an oil for that” and while there is truth to this statement, there are also other botanical preparations that are good for “that”. It seems that many are turning to essential oils first for everything. For example, for a digestive upset, the question we are often asked is can I ingest the Fennel essential oil? In my opinion it would be much better to have a cup of Fennel tea. I do believe that the chemistry and knowing the chemical constituents is extremely important and essential oils are powerful healing plant medicine, but there are other botanical preparations such as tinctures, infusions, and flower essences that may, at times, be more fitting and most certainly may be added as a wonderful complement to the use of essential oils.
I have noticed that many people that love aromatherapy and use essential oils have a curiosity regarding flower essences, but may not have the working knowledge of how to use them effectively alone or in combination with essential oils or other botanicals.
In this mini class we will explore and:
  • Discuss what a flower essence is and a bit about the history of how they came to be
  • Discuss the importance of the “electrical system” of the human body and how flower essences can assist in healing
  • Illustrate how to make your own flower or plant essence
  • The slight difference between a flower essence and plant essence
  • Talk about the connection between the plants, trees, flower essences and essential oils
  • Demonstrate the different application methods when using flower essences
  • How to use flower essences in blending with essential oils (and hydrosols )
  • How to blend flower essences with each other to create flower essence synergistic blend
  • Discuss the correlation between flower essences and the essential oil that come from the same plant or tree
  • What types of situations or conditions that are ideal to use flower essences
  • When to choose a flower essence instead of an essential oil… when to combine a flower essence with an essential oil

Some of you have joined me for my other  ALMOST FREE mini classes that I have taught recently.  Just FYI, to me a Mini class is anywhere form 1.5 hours to 4 hours :) If it's a good one it is a great introductory or overview class with tons of information. 

  • The feedback has been so awesome, and with prompting from you all, I have decided to do one a month. They are ALMOST FREE too.  To be perfectly honest, I have found when it is FREE, there is no perceived value unfortunately. People sign up just because it is free and don't care or don't show.
  • So there is a minimal registration fee.  The classes are LIVE and recorded so they are available if you can not make it and it is available  to you forever as well are the slides :)
  • My Mini Classes are not a guise to have you sign up for a bigger workshop, (that is bullshit) they stand alone and will give you a solid foundation to jump off from.  Where you jump next is up to you.

Bella and I hope you will join us for this one where we Delve into Flower Essences, Energetics and Applications :)

This class will be recorded, so you do not have to be present to benefit form it, but you have to sign up by placing an order for it.  It is ALMOST FREE .  You will then receive a Zoom invitation for the Class!  

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