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Spotlight Class - Introduction to Muscle Testing, Dowsing, and Your Electrical System

Spotlight Mini Master Class
Muscle Testing, Dowsing, Your Electrical System and Essential Oils

3 hours

I am sure that many of you have experienced muscle testing or kinesiology when you have visited your chiropractor or naturopath.  Did you know that this is also such a powerful way to decide what essential oils and herbs to use?  In fact, utilizing the body's electrical system and inner knowing is, in my opinion, the only way to finalize your formulation and mode of application.  We dive deep into this in the Roads to Physical Health Class and this spotlight class is a fantastic foundation if you are interested in more than just blending based on the therapeutic properties from a book or your certification program.

To be perfectly honest, if you are using essential oils just based on the therapeutic properties, that is the allopathizizing of the botanical.  The far reaching healing power of essential oils and botanicals are being ignored if we just look at the fact that oregano is anti infectious because of the phenolic content or carvacrol.  Sure, that is important and only a very small piece of the pie. It is a very limited way of working with essential oils and the plants and the trees. 

So, I am hoping that you decide to join me down the energetic rabbit hole

In our 3 hours together, you will learn;
  • The basics of Muscle Testing and dowsing (and exactly why it is based in science)
  • How to test for impact and also resonance
  • How to find what Body the imbalance lies in
  • How to test for essential oils and hydrosols that will help bring the system back into balance
  • Various Energetic Techniques to stabilize your energetic field.
  • Also - see a demo of this principle being applied
About Stillpoint's Spotlight Mini Master Classes 

Some of you have joined me for my other Mini Master classes that I have taught recently.  Just FYI, to me a Mini class is anywhere form 1.5 hours to 4 hours :) If it's a good one it is a great introductory or overview class with tons of information. 
  • The feedback has been so awesome, and with prompting from you all, I have decided to do one a month. 
  • To be perfectly honest, I have found when I have offered these trainings FREE, there is no perceived value unfortunately.  However, if you would like to attend and  the fee is too much of stretch, please contact me.
  • So there is a very small fee for these classes and worth so much more.   The classes are LIVE and recorded so they are available if you can not make it and it is available  to you forever as well are the slides :)
  • My Mini Classes are not a guise to have you sign up for a bigger workshop, (that is bullshit) they stand alone and will give you a solid foundation to jump off from.  Where you jump next is up to you.
Bella and I hope you will join us for this one where we Delve into the world of muscle testing and the electrical system of you!

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