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Retreat : Mystery School - Mystery, Magic & Mastery

Retreat: Mystery, Magic & Mastery
5 day In Person Mystery Retreat

August 4th - 8th 

There really are no words to describe this Retreat.  It truly is exploring Mystery, Magic, and gaining Mastery over you!  This retreat has grown and matured throughout the years, although, the basics are still the foundation.  Each year the content is expanded, as is the application.  That is precisely the reason that some of my students are in their fifth year.  Many call it Hogwarts for adults and I would have to agree.  I was fortunate to receive these teachings from my teacher Sharon Turner (who has since passed).

We delve into the psyche, into multidimensional reality, self esteem, self empowerment.  There is a cumulation of over 39 years of formal and informal study into metaphysical science, energetics, and the psyche.  Truly not to be missed.  It is transformative. Especially now, in the world with the COVID, the racism,  the division... these teachings are invaluable, more than necessry... I would say life saving. 

Discover ancient teachings that benefit the higher self and the growth of humanity. Mystery, Magic & Joy or Mystery School is the sharing of teachings that have been passed down through the oral tradition from teacher to student in an unbroken lineage of physical initiation. During a 5-day transformative learning opportunity, students engage closely with ancient wisdom in the study and practice of optimism, joy, hope, abundance, and peace of mind. We offer students sacred teachings and learnings we have amassed over the past 39 years. These teachings have been handed down to me through various teachers in the old verbal tradition. You will study in a nurturing, group-setting that promotes growth and expression. Sedona, with its powerful vortices and vibrant energy, is truly the perfect setting to embrace the transformative nature of mystery school. And if you can not make it in person, you can now experience it virtually.

In ancient days there was a time when we used to trust and receive our own information as well as messages from our higher self, angels, guides, and God. However, this way of life was lost over time and seeking outside of ourselves for information and validation became the norm. It is our belief that we all have free will and hold all the answers and knowing that we need for this lifetime (maybe we have just temporarily forgotten) and that we are our own best teacher. Gain access to the wisdom you hold inside.


The bottom line is to enjoy this life while we are here, clear patterns and imprints and grow.   That is the focus of this retreat... How to shed what does not serve you and how to create miracles and magic in your life and live in a balanced and abundant way, no matter what is happening on the outside.


Mystery, Magic & Mastery Course Highlights:

  • Healing minds to heal bodies
  • Soul Contracts
  • Clearing and balancing contracts
  • Gaining personal power
  • Learn about chakras, gift orders, trauma types, and entity attachments
  • Stop reacting and start controlling and creating your world

Course Specifics:

Mystery, Magic & Joy consists of many subjects that can not be publicly written here, as they are sacred teachings and practices. The areas of study we can share here include:

  • Patriarch Consciousness: How to recognize it and how to navigate it
  • Victim Consciousness: How to know when you are in it and how to move it out
  • Clearing and healing hurts and soul bruises
  • Trusting your own information
  • Removal of imprints
  • Four psychic gift orders
  • The levels and importance of self esteem
  • The concept of interfering energies
  • Chakra balancing and clearing
  • Setting the Energy and working with Time
  • Creating and manifesting abundance and the life that you want
  • Importance of clear communication
  • Working with vortex energies in the vortices of Sedona
  • Archetypal patterns
  • Past Lives and the continuum of time and the multidimensional aspects of our world
  • Working with energy for self healing and healing others (including your animal companiona)
  • Recognizing dysfunctional patterns ie gaslighting, positive shaming, subversive abuse
  • Developing a personalized "practice"
  • Immesion in ceremony
  • Spellwork

In this class, you will receive:

  • Answers
  • Questions
  • Time to play with hundreds of essential oils
  • Admission into Mystery, Magic & MAstery private forum
  • 50% off a product of your choice
  • A private collection of blend formulas that have been designed to help you demystify the mysteries of Mystery, Magic & Mastery

What is New?

  • You can attend Virtually, Live via Zoom :)
  • Discount in enrollement in Stillpoint's Mystical U

Who should attend Mystery, Magic & Mastery?

Mystery, Magic & Joy is for anyone who wishes to find peace, wisdom, and trust in one's self. Learn techniques and "magic" to enhance your everyday life. Come away from this intense, loving experience with a greater understanding of your power, intuition, and purpose.

A note from your instructor

Your soul is pitching and the Universe is catching.

If you found this course description, I’d bet the previous sentence describes where you are in your life journey. You aren’t here by accident and if you allow me to be your teacher, that won’t be by accident either. I will be honored. You will be tickled.  We’ll have fun on the journey.

We will hold hands, giggle, and skip into the sunset.

Sign up and Sigh.

A toast to the wonders that are the world, that are you.

Mystery, Magic & Mastery Workshop Details

Taught by: Virginia Joy MA, CCA, CBC, LMT

Class Hours: 10am - 6pm (some evening ceremonies too)
Payment Plan:  Depsit of $500.00 

Location: Enjoy a peaceful class setting in a retreat atmosphere in Sedona, Arizona. Lodging is not included
Dates: August 4th -8th 

Need a place to stay? Click here for our recommendations in Sedona.

Have any questions? Contact us, or call 928-606-0363

Tutte Cose Buone,

Virginia Joy

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