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Mini Mystery School

June 26th 2022


Mini Mystery School
Full Day of Magic
June 26th, 2022


Even if I never see you again in another class, the techniques you will learn in our 8 hours together will change your life. 
You are intrigued by The Stillpoint Mystery School but you are not ready to jump down the mysterious rabbit hole with me ... Just Yet :)  So, if that  that is the case this class is created just for you!  In this Full One Day Mini Mystery School you will learn the energetic basics to get you on you on your way.
Many are seeking to discover meaningful connections, their own inner power & a life filled with more joy. Many of us are ready to stop wandering adrift in the stream of life & step forward to develop a conscious lifestyle where we are creating purposefully... intentionally.
If you are looking to find and bring forth YOUR power, dharma, point of life ... your STILLPOINT... If you want to Feel Free THEN this first step is for you.  True Mystery School Teachings are passed down through the oral tradition from teacher to student in an unbroken lineage of physical initiation. This has been the way forever. The tradition of any true mystery school is that of hope, optimism, joy, abundance and peace of mind.
It is our belief that we all have free will and hold all the answers and knowing that we need for this lifetime (maybe we have just temporarily forgotten) and that we are our own best teacher.  
Remember!!!! In ancient days there was a time when we used to trust and receive our own information as well as messages from our higher self, angels, guides, and God
However, this way of life was lost over time and seeking outside of ourselves for information and validation became the norm.  AND THE TIME HAS COME FOR US TO REMEMBER!!!!

 Mini Mystery School Highlights:


  • About your chakras
  • Clearing and balance each chakra
  • Shielding yourself to strengthen your auric field
  • Retrieving your energy
  • Balancing Your Female and Male energy
  • Interpreting your own energy
  • Performing a Psychic Healing
  • Energetically clearing yourself, pets and even plants of negative energies and influences
  • Clearing your home and spaces of negative energies
  • Rituals to tap into the knowledge of our Ancestors and the Masters
  • Setting the Energy on the Timeline
  • The Fifth Dimensional Shield
  • Creating Energetic Blends


In this class, you will receive:

  • Answers
  • Questions
  • Discount on Full Mystery School ( if you choose to contiue on)
  • Admission into Mystery, Magic & Mastery private online forum
  • A Group Healing
  • Discount in Membership at Sanctuary at Stillpoint


Who should attend Mini - Mystery School

Mini Mystery is for anyone who wishes to find peace, wisdom, and trust in one's self. Learn the basic techniques and "magic" to enhance your everyday life. Come away from this class with a greater understanding of your power, intuition, and purpose.  Even if I never see you again in another class, the techniques you will learn in our 8 hours together will change your life. 

A note from your instructor

Your soul is pitching and the Universe is catching.

If you found this course description, I’d bet the previous sentence describes where you are in your life journey. You aren’t here by accident and if you allow me to be your teacher, that won’t be by accident either. I will be honored. You will be tickled.  We’ll have fun on the journey.

We will hold hands, giggle, and skip into the sunset.

Sign up and Sigh.

A toast to the wonders that are the world, that are you.

Mini Mystery School Information

Taught by: Virginia Joy MA, CCA, CBC, LMT

Class Hours: 9:30 am - 5:30 pm 
Early Bird Price: $297 (Normally $357) register by March 1, 2022

Payment Plan:  Depsit of $100

Location: Enjoy a peaceful class setting in a retreat atmosphere in Sedona, Arizona. Lodging is not included
Date: June 26th 2022 - Sunday
Times: 9:30 - 5:30

Have any questions? Contact us, or call 928-606-0363

Tutte Cose Buone,

Virginia Joy

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