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Spotlight Class - Manifesting, Chakras, and Essential Oils

Spotlight Mini Master Class
Manifesting, Chakras and Essential Oils
June 1st  - 2:30 PDT - 
Manifesting.... so many books, so many ways, so many affirmations and sometimes Nothing.  No manifestation, no improvement and we still feel stuck. I am sure you have all heard of the Law of Vibration - and when nothing happens except finding a parking spot, we say "Bullshit"

The reason is that what we are trying to manifest , whether it is physical wellbeing, calmness of the mind or lots of money may actually weaken your system due to subconscious patterns. These are called paradigms!   We have generative paradigms (which are helpful and we have limiting ones.  There is no oil, pill or magic spell that will bring your manifestation forth until the subconscious pattern and paradigm  is identified and replaced.  

There are many ways to identify these patterns and clear them. There are many oils and essences that can assist us and also anchor in the new programming.  The thing is that our operating system needs an upgrade.  if we are using an old program, we do not have the technology for the new way. 

To be perfectly honest, if you are using essential oils just based on what is written in your books or journals  or what you learned in you ACP Certification, and you are blending and applying them just based on that information... Well the blend/formulation, neat essential oil, or flower essence is not matched to the issue at hand.  To be able to choose the oils and hydrosols to match the vibration of the new manifestation is absolutely imperative. It is only then that the blockages begin to slip away.
I am hoping that you decide to join me down this rabbit hole of manifestation with oils and vibrations.  Register now as space is limited.  This will be an interactive class there are just so many spots. 
In our 3 hours together, you will learn:
  • What and how essential oils will help you manifest 
  • How energetic imbalances in the chakras affect the physical body
  • How to determine what body and chakra the imbalance lies in
  • Whether or not what you want to manifest strengthens or weakens
  • How to access the subconscious to identify the blocks
  • Techniques to move out the old and bring in the new
  • How to formulate to bring the physical and emotional systems into balance

About Stillpoint's Spotlight Mini Master Classes 

Some of you have joined me for my other Mini Master classes that I have taught recently.  Just FYI, to me a Mini class is anywhere form 1.5 hours to 4 hours :) If it's a good one it is a great introductory or overview class with tons of information. 
  • The feedback has been so awesome, and with prompting from you all, I have decided to do one a month. 
  • To be perfectly honest, I have found when I have offered these trainings FREE, there is no perceived value unfortunately.  However, if you would like to attend and  the fee is too much of stretch, please contact me.
  • So there is a very small fee for these classes and worth so much more.   The classes are LIVE and recorded so they are available if you can not make it and it is available  to you forever as well are the slides :)
  • My Mini Classes are not a guise to have you sign up for a bigger workshop, (that is bullshit) they stand alone and will give you a solid foundation to jump off from.  Where you jump next is up to you.
Bella and I hope you will join us for this one where we Delve into MANIFESTING

This class will be recorded, so you do not have to be present to benefit from it, but you have to sign up by placing an order for it.  It is PRICED SO SO REASONABLY . You will then receive a Zoom invitation for the Class! 

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