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The Stillpoint Harvest and Distillation Experience


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The Stillpoint Harvest and Distillation Experience

Five Magical Days in the Red Red Rocks of Sedona

You use and trust aromatherapy, herbal tinctures, flower essences ...but do you truly connect with the genesis of their origin?

Join master teacher and distiller V. Joy Musacchio as she leads a unique and intensive experience in the harvesting and distilling of essential oils and hydrosols.

Along with an intimate group of students who share your commitment to the plants and trees and healing, harvest local plants and trees in the forests of Sedona. Walk among the powerful red rocks as you connect with pinion pine, utah juniper, rocky mount juniper ponderosa pine, snakeweed, and rosemary.

Once you’ve hand picked plant materials for distillation, experience first-hand what goes into the distillation of essential oils and hydrosols. Enjoy a rare opportunity to work with Copper Alembic stills to distill wildcrafted botanicals.  Under the guidance of V. Joy, learn  hydro-distillation, steam distillation, and combo distillation to extract essential oils and hydrosols from the plants you harvested in the Sedona Wilderness.

You will also learn the herbal applications and extractions of the plants and trees distilled.  You will learn how to prepare herbal tinctures and flower essences and understand their differences and similarities. 

In the classroom, discover the therapeutic and energetic properties of hydrosols, the powerful, natural result of essential oil distillation. Dive into the accessible chemistry and energetics of oils native to the Southwest. After spending time outdoors harvesting plants, you’ll discover a much deeper connection to the energetics of these beautiful, therapeutic plants and their relationship with the vortexes of the Sedona region.

During the intensive five day Harvest and Distillation Experience, connect with the strength of the resilience of Southwest oils — distilled from plants that withstand intense heat, long periods of no rain, very hungry insects and animals, plant viruses, parasites and fungi. 

Come prepared to get your hands dirty, to end your day enveloped in the unique energy of Sedona’s vibrant region. This class is best-suited for those with a curious mind and a desire to learns in a hands-on environment.

It is time to return to nature, friends.  Time to tap into the wisdom and medicine of the ancient ones. 

In this Weekend Workshop, you will experience and learn:
  • About the ethnobotany of the American Southwest
  • Aromatherapy and herbal applications of harvested plants
  • Therapeutic and medicinal benefits and applications of various Artisan distilled Essential OIls
  • Metaphysical and Energetic qualities of the Oils and hydrosols of the Southwest
  • Basic aroma chemistry and the healing benefits of some chemical components contained in these oils and hydrosols
  • A variety of different blending techniques to enhance your life both physically and emotionally
  • Various blends, blend concentrations, and applications
  • Safety and contraindications of the essential oils and hydrosols studied
In addition, you will receive and participate in:
  • A custom manual
  • Discounts at Stillpoint Aromatics
  • Directory of journals and connections in the world of aromatherapy
  • Hands on harvesting and distillation
  • Hands on blending activities
  • Exercises and demonstrations
  • A ceremony in the Red Rocks
  • Membership in Learn Worlds Stillpoint Community
Who would benefit by taking this Aromatherapy Course?
Well to be perfectly honest ANYONE who has a love for the plants and trees. 

It is our belief and knowing that all conditions (physical, mental, spiritual, or emotional) can be addressed and helped by the proper and safe use of pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Essential oils also known as nature’s living energy, are the natural, aromatic volatile liquids found in shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds.
Hydrosols and Essential oils are extracted from aromatic plant sources via steam distillation. Essential Oils and are highly concentrated and far more potent than dry herbs. While essential oils often have a pleasant aroma, their chemical makeup is complex and their benefits vast—which makes them much more than something that simply smells good.
Workshop Logistics:
Time: TBA
Facilitator: Virginia Joy  MA, LMT, NCTMB, CCA
Location: Stillpoint Aromatics and the wilderness of Sedona
Course Fees:
  • Price is $1495.00 - PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE
  • Returning Students of prior distillation experience contact me for price
  • Please do not Book Travel without checking that the clas is a go. If you do, please make sure your plans are refundable

Virginia Joy

Cancellation Policy:
Deposit refunded or transferred to future date if we cancel the class; Deposit transferred to future date if you cancel up to 10 days BEFORE the course; within 10 days, the deposit will be forfeited.

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