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Introductory Class in Vibrational Aromatherapy -

Vibrational Aromatherapy ... Exactly What is that?
Simply put it is where Science and Metaphysics Meet!
This is a live recording of the mini class presented on the 18th of February

This 2.5 hour class introduces a way to work with essential oils and extracts that extend far beyond just looking at the chemical components and the therapeutic benefits. It is the connection between the chemistry, plant parts and the energy. It is a powerful and meaningful way to apply essential oils and extracts to address energetic and vibrational healing and physical wellness.
By tapping into our innate knowledge and information, we can discover the ties between vibrations (thought patterns, behaviors) and physical manifestations (disease.) It is a truly revolutionary method of combining knowledge of essential oil chemistry with a deeper understanding of holistic healing. Begin to discover the subtle energy of the chemical families and chemical components. This is truly a new and powerful way to approach the use of essential oils and aromatherapy.

This way of working with aromatherapy addresses the root cause of issues, diseases, and general unwellness, not the symptoms that have manifested, and balance can be attained.

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