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Bella's Fur and Skin Cooler - Limited Edition

Limited Edition

Hello Friends!

Bella Chica here.  Mommy let me create this month's limited edition blend for you and your fur babies. It has been so hot here in Sedona this summer.  Much hotter than usual.  The last time Mommy took me harvesting Pinon Pine to distill, it was unbearable for us!  I told Mommy that I wish we had a cooling spray to spritz self with and she asked me to make one.  So I did!
I call it Bella's Fur and Skin Cooler (it is an awesome compliment to my Skin and Fur Soother spray.  And it rhymes too!) I thought some of my friends would like it. Sisters do and you might too!

Here is what I put in my magic cooling spray!
Peppermint Hydrosol (Mentha x piperita) - This hydrosol is cooling and it tastes good too, Mommy says) . Mommy uses this hydrosol for her hot flashes!
Spearmint Hydrosol  (Mentha spicata) - This hydrosol is not quite as cooling as the peppermint but it is very refreshing (This tastes good too)
Ponderosa Pine Hydroso(Pinus ponderosa) - This hydrosol reminds me of the forest of Sedona  after a rain. It is refreshing and makes me happy!
Pinon Pine Flower Essence (Pinus edulis) -  Adds the essence of the Pinon Pine tree in the mist

Friends, this is VERY IMPORTANT: Before you spray your fur baby, let him/her smell it.  If she/he likes it, they will move closer or lick their lips or do the mouthing thing that we do.  If they turn away quickly they may not like it.  So to see if your baby likes it, hold it out about a foot from their nose.  If they turn away quickly they do not want any. BUT if they move closer or looks like they are thinking and then move closer, go ahead and mist!  I do not like it when I am sprayed with something i do not like!  I bet neither do you!
Stay cool friends!
Bella Chica
Blended with hydrosols distilled  Spring 2023
Shelf Life - approximately 14 - 18 months 

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