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Bella's Skin and Fur Soother

Bella's Skin and Fur Soother is safe for all people, kids and pets!
Bella's custom hydrosol blend contains:
  • Rose Geranium Hydrosol (Organic)
  • Rosehip Hydrosol (Organic)
  • Geranium Flower Essence (Wild harvested)
  • Helichrysum Flower Essence (Wild harvested)

Rose Geranium Hydrosol  (Pelargonium capitatum) Bella loves this hydrosol because it is uplifting and cooling. It helps soothe sunburns, insect bites, rashes and anything that is hot. It has a lovely happy aroma. It is balancing to the emotional body for both man and "beast".
Rosehip Hydrosol (Rosa nutanka) - Bella says that this hydrosol is also wonderful for the skin and her fur. Rosehips are a wonderful source for Vitamin C. The hydrosol is a fantastic skin toner and also anti-inflammatory. This hydrosol is calming and centering for the emotional body.
Geranium Flower Essence  (Pelargonium Calliope) -This flower essence fosters a sense of inner security and self-acceptance. It is soothing, calming and grounding to the psyche. Reconnects one to joy and summertime fun and folly.
Helichrysum Flower Essence (Helichrysum italicum) -This flower essence is a representation of the sun. The name Helichrysum comes from the Greek word "helios" meaning sun and "chrysos" meaning gold. This essence helps soothe the emotional body and heal sadness and upset. ( Great for kids and adults too)

Blended with hydrosols distilled 2023
Shelf Life - approximately 24 - 28 months 

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