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Distillers, GCMS & Importing

“There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground.” - Rumi

Our Distillers!

We have such respect and admiration for our farmers and distillers! We are so honored and proud to be able to work with people that are so connected to the plants, trees and the earth. We, too, have great respect for and honor the plant, as well as the farmer, the growing season, the distillation process, and the essential oil.

We import our essential oils from many international farmers and international distillers worldwide. We have, over the years, formed close relationships with these dedicated men and women. It is our belief that essential oils carry the vibration of not only the plant from which they are distilled or extracted, but also of the farmer, distiller, and essential oil company that carries the oil. It is also our belief that this is the reason that two oils, such as Lavender fine, also known as Lavandula angustofolia, from the same geographic region can smell and feel so very different even though they are the same exact genus and species.

The farmers plant their fields, care and tend to them while the plants grow, harvest the plants at the perfect time, and then carefully and lovingly distill the oils. We are then lucky enough to be the recipients of these aromatic treasures and make them available to you. It is extremely important to us that our vibration matches that of our distillers. We feel committed to supporting farmers and distillers that are dedicated to farming without the use of harsh chemicals and pesticides.

Our oils fall into three categories; certified organic, wild harvested and unsprayed.  The certified organic oils have been certified by a governmental agency such as EcoCert. The wild harvested oils have been gathered and harvested in the wild, and the unsprayed oils can really be considered to be organic…it is just that the cost of organic certification can be quite expensive especially for those farmers that live in rural areas cannot afford this certification.

GC/MS…What and Why?

GC/MS stands for Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry is a method that combines the features of gas-liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry to identify different substances within a test sample. Gas chromatography (GC) is a common type of chromatography used in analytic chemistry for separating and analyzing compounds that are in a given sample.  Mass spectrometry (MS) is an analytical technique that is used for determining the elemental composition of a sample or molecule, thus informing us of the chemical components.

Stillpoint Aromatics has chosen to test every batch of oil that we import. We send samples of each oil to our chemist, Daniel, in France. He tests each sample and sends us a GCMS report for each oil. The GC/MS report is quite a detailed listing – with sometimes over 60-100 different chemical components. To make the reports a bit more ”user-friendly” and easier to use in therapeutic and component blending, we have formatted the reports based on the chemical families. The GC/MS reports can be found for each oil on our website. Just look for the GC/MS pdf icon in the detailed information of each oil.

While GC/MS testing and reports do not indicate the aroma or the energy of the oil, the report will tell you if an oil is adulterated. It will also list each of the chemical components present, thereby assisting when blending for a particular purpose.  For ease of use, we have decided to include this bit of chemical information on each bottle that is purchased.  Please keep in mind that the chemistry of an essential oil can vary from distillation to distillation.  The particular chemical composition of an essential oil depends upon various conditions, such as geographic location, weather and environmental conditions, and differences in harvesting. When reviewing a GC/MS report, please be sure the GC/MS that you are reviewing is batch specific and lists the season and year of distillation.

GCMS reports are quantitative.  They can not and do not ensure the quality.  For that, you must know and trust your essential oils company.

Importing of Pure Essential Oils

One question we are frequently asked  is, “ Do you make your own essential oils?” And the answer is, “No, we import them from small farmers and distillers all over the world.”   The process is timely but very direct actually. We first contact the distiller to request samples of the essential oils for which we are interested. We often request 4-6 samples of the same essential oil or absolute from various distillers before making our final decision. Our final decision is based on what we feel and know to be the best essential oil.

Stillpoint Aromatic’s essential oils come to us directly from the distillation. There is no middle person, so there Is no chance of adulteration or any “adjustments” to the oils.

When we receive the essential oil, we immediately transfer them from the containers we receive to amber glass bottles. The amber glass protects the oils from light, thus enhancing their shelf life. Also ensuring that our oils remain as vibrant and alive as when they are first distilled, we nitrogen cap each bottle.  This eliminates all oxygen from the bottle, hence reducing the oxidation process tremendously.  We then call in the divas of that particular plant and tree in a ceremony, and then the oils are placed in our cold room to be stored. The cold storage is a must to preserve and extend the shelf life of the essential oil. This ensures freshness and reduces the chance of oxidation. It is in this way that you are assured the freshest, most vibrant and purest essential oils available.

We then hand pour the essential oils from the large amber bottles into smaller bottles upon your order just for you! We do not pre-pour our oils! They are chosen by us, poured by us, packed by us, and sent to you with care and all good things.