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Integrazione Essential - Integration


This blend helps to address energetic & emotional fragmentation that can often arise from the traumas & wounds from our past. It helps to bring together the fragmented pieces of ourselves, and integrate them with one’s present day self. These oils work synergistically together to support this process:
Balsam Copaiba – (Copaifera officinalis) helps to heal old emotional wounds & traumas. It quiets the mind and brings tranquility, reflection & Introspection. It has a calming, centering effect. Helps to bring balance & harmony to the nervous system while it helps one to rebalance with ease.
Jasmine –  (Jasmine sambac) In India, the Jasmine flower is a symbol of divine hope. It has anti depressant & sedative qualities and is one of the most effective oils for nervous anxiety, restlessness & depression.  It offers a sense of optimism, uplifts the mind & restores creativity. It helps to address & soothe emotional  (relationship related) dilemmas in our lives. It generates a sense of warmth and diminishes fear, calms the nerves, releases tension. It helps to boost self confidence & helps remedy pessimism. It releases inhibition and brings a sense of playfulness. It is a fantastic oil to use to address depression arising from repression & discord - from living a life that is out of alignment with your soul’s true knowing & desires. It brings heightened spiritual awareness & enhances intuition.
White Sage (Salvia apiana) – Traditionally used in Native American & Shamanic ceremonies as a smudge to clear energetic debris from the space or one’s energy field, and to purify the body, it has an expansive, protective quality. The word “Salvia” comes from the Latin Salveo, meaning “to heal”. Sage is used magically to bring wisdom, longevity, immortality & the granting of wishes.
Rhododendron(Rhododendron anthropogon) brings energetic togetherness where there has been fragmentation. It brings clarity and is used in meditation. It is very useful when working with any emotional/mental/spiritual imprint ready to be released. Helps to connect with your inner child like joy. 
Balsam Poplar Flower Essence

Uses for Jojoba blend:
This blend can be used as a massage oil, body oil, perfume, an all around uplifter! 
This blend is a 30% blend in a base of organic jojoba.  This is a very concentrated blend and unless used as a perfume, it can be further diluted in unscented lotion or oil.

Uses for stock blend:
This essential oil blend is perfect for use in a diffuser, in an inhaler (aroma stick) or can be blended into any unscented lotion or creme.

This is a stock blend of undiluted essential oil.

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