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The Bella Blend Rollerball - The Grief Blend

Roll On

BELLA"S BLEND ROLLERBALL (Roll On) I decided to make this available as a roll on so it can be portable and there when you need it.  It is safe for kids as well and it is the thing to turn to when dealing with grief of any kind.  If there was one rollerball to have, it would be this one.  Especially in these times we are living in.
I know it is a bit pricey but that is due to the oils or Melissa and Neroli.  But it is worth it!
This essential oil blend was birthed after the sudden death of our little poodle, Bella.  The purpose of this blend is to assist with a major shock and or trauma, the grief that follows and the courage to go on.  
  • Neroli (Citrus aurantium var amara) -   Neroli essential oil is wonderful for those who need strong emotional support. It is soothing and calming to the nervous system and is an extremely important oil during times of serious shock and trauma. Neroli is considered an antidepressant, and is very helpful in reducing anxiety.  Neroli essential oil is distilled from the flower of the bitter orange tree. Oils that are distilled from the flowers of a plant or tree represent unconditional love, Empathy, Acceptance, Grace, Divine Will
  • Melissa (Melissa officinalis) - Melissa essential oil is another powerful aid when dealing with shock. Melissa is a strong sedative, and can be used to reduce shock. Its sedative effects come on slowly and are quite gentle but effective.  When depression is due to serious stress, Melissa can be highly effective in reducing the tension, and therefore provides an emotionally uplifting effect. Melissa is a great oil to manage agitation and restlessness.  Melissa essential oil is distilled from the leaves of the Lemon Balm plant.  Oils that are distilled from leaves represent breath and breathing, Taking in of Life, Expansion, Empowerment,  Shielding.
  • Laurel Leaf (Laurel nobilis) - Laurel Leaf essential oil is our go to oil for protection, courage and insight.  Bay laurel is said to convey the gift of prophecy.  It is known to be a cerebral stimulator and nerve tonic for the central nervous system.  It is well rounded in its chemical components and therefore is a very balanced and balancing to our emotional body. The principal action of Laurel Leaf is to regulate and circulate.  It helps get us moving on our journey and path again. Laurel Leaf is distilled from the leaves and small branches of the Lauris nobilis tree.  Oils that are distilled from leaves represent breath and breathing, Taking in of Life, Expansion, Empowerment, Shielding.
This blend is also available as an inhaler

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