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Foglie Cadenti - Falling Leaves

Specialty Blend

Foglie Cadenti is energetically grounding as well as able to assist you in letting go of all that does not serve you or is preventing you from moving forward.  As the leaves fall from trees, they stand "naked" and they are able to rest to be ready for all new growth in the Spring. Transition and transmutation at its best!

Foglie Cadenti means falling leaves.  This is a synergistic formulation of Larch, Hemlock, North Eastern Plai, Spanish Sage Essential Oils with the addtion of Marigold and Pinon Pine Fllower essence.

Therapeutically,  this is an awesome blend for the respiratory system and immune boosting blend.  It is an awesome synergy of respiratory oils.  You can diffuse this, use it in an aroma stick, drop a few drops on the shower floor during your shower, blend it in a chest salve or cream. AND it is safe for your kids.

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