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Madre Antica (Ancient Mother)

Ancient Mother

This blend is very special to us as it represents the life span of a woman
Tangerine – Represents the child
Jasmine – Represents the adult woman
German Chamomile represents the Crone
Angelica Root wraps all those energies together and grounds them

Tangerine Essence Essential Oil
 (Citrus reticulata)  Tangerine essential oil  is one of the oils that we use to assist in connecting with the innocence and purity of looking at life through the eyes of the child.  It represents softness, joy and sunshine. This essential oil is distilled from the fruit juice and carries the energy of lightness and trust and vulnerability. 
Jasmine (Jasmine grandifloram and sambac) – The Jasmine flower has been associated with love for eons.  In our training, jasmine is a connection to the angelic realm and self acceptance  and self love.  This love is reminiscent of a mothers’s unconditional love.  NO strings attached.  We have chosen both Jasmine grandifloram and sambac to be in this blend.  Jasmine sambac is night a night blooming plant and carries the energy of Grandmother moon and the night  and Jasmine grandifloram carries the energy of Grandfather sun and daybreak.
German Chamomile (Matricaria chamomila) This is the ultimate representation of Mother energy and all its knowledge. Matricaria  comes from the latin word mater meaning mother.
Angelica Root Essential Oil  (Angelica archangelica)   This is one of the plants that, to us represents all things ancient. It is believed that the plant's name was derived from the fact that, according to the old calendar, it usually came into bloom around the feast day of the Archangel Michael, who appeared in a vision to explain the plant's protective powers against evil.  It is a sacred oil.
Jasmine Flower Essence
*Please note that Angelica Root (which is a very small percentage of the blend) is Photo toxic and should not be applied to your skin if that part of you will be exposed to the sun for a good amount of time.  

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