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5th Chakra - Comunicazione - Communication


Stillpoint's Fifth Chakra blend, Comunicazione,  means Communication.  This blend was formulated to assist with communicating clearly and honestly with integrity and ease.  Helps us to find and to speak our truth.
  • Cape Snowbush
  • Rosemary ct verbenone
  • Fragonia 
  • Blue Tansy
  • Trumpet Vine Flower Essence
FIfth Chakra - Power of Will
This chakra primarily deals with how we communicate and express ourselves verbally, using our voice.  This chakra is also known as the Throat Chakra or Visshuda and deals with speaking our truth with integrity as well as our will and creative self expression.  The 5th chakra embodies the challenges of surrendering our own willpower to our higher self or the Divine,  Here is where we have the power and will of choice. This chakra is closely related to the second chakra as the second chakra deals with creation energy and therefore creativee xpression.
  • Location : The Throat
  • The color associated with this chakra is blue
  • Body organs associated with the 5th chakra
    • Throat
    • Thyroid
    • Trachea
    • Neck vertebrae
    • Mouth
    • Teeth and Gums
    • Esophagus
    • Parathyroid
    • Hypothalamus
  • Mental and Emotional Issues associated with the 5th chakra
    • Choice of strength and will
    • Personal expression
    • Following one's dream
    • Using personal power to create
    • Addiction
    • Judgment and Criticism
    • Faith and Knowledge
    • Capacity to make decisions
  • Physical Dysfunctions associated with the 5th chakra
    • Raspy throat
    • Chronic sore throat
    • Mouth ulcers
    • Gum difficulties
    • TMJ - Temporomandibular joint issues
    • Laryngitis
    • Swollen glands
    • Thyroid problems
References: Stillpoints Mystery School and Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss

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