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Engelmann Spruce/Douglas Fir Essential Oil Co-distill

Picea engelmannii/Pseudosuga menzesii

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Essential Facts

Notes & Use

Traditional Use of Engelmann Spruce/Douglas Fir Co-distill

The Engelmann Spruce tree has been used in the treatment of respiratory complaints, used in the treatment of tuberculosis, coughs etc. Indicated in the treatment of cancer. It was said that if this treatment did not work then nothing would work. Skin issues, eczema. Traditionally the ashes of the twigs, mixed with oil, have been used as an ointment to soothe and heal in miscellaneous treatments for the skin. The pitch obtained from the trunk has been used in the treatment of eczema.

The White Fir tree has been uses for its analgesic, anti-viral, and anti- tumoric properties. It is effective when used for sore muscles and even head aches. American indigenous tribes have used this plant for lung and chest issues. Also used for urinary tract and skin issues.

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