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Lemon Essence Essential Oil

Citrus limonum

Lemon Essence is made by a special extraction process from the fruit juice.

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Essential Facts

Notes & Use

What Stillpoint "Nose"

Lemon essential oil is often overlooked for its vast medicinal properties it is one of the best oils to decongest, cleanse and detoxify.  It is great to decongest the lymphatic system and to cool heat and reduce dampness and phlegm in the body (a little oriental medicine for you).

I have used lemon is formulations to assist with cellulite and obesity.  While there is no scientific research, lemon essential oil has anecdotally assisted in lowering high blood pressure.  Personally, I think that is because of its effect on the psyche.
It is helpful to decrease nausea, clear the head and reduce irritability.
Lemon possess antiviral properties which makes them
The "essence" essential oils of Tangerine, Lime, Orange and Lemon are produced by a unique process. When the juice of the fruit is being concentrated for producing a "concentrate" an essential oil comes to the surface of the juice. This oil is distilled off the surface by vacuum distillation produce the "essence" oil. The "essence" oils therefore have some of the same general olfactory characteristics as the peel of the fruit they come from but have a more delicate, "juicy"-aromatic dimension to them.

Traditional Use of Lemon Essence

The juice of the the lemon is the ultimate remedy for scurvy, which is a disease resulting from not enough vitamin C. Back inthe day English ships were required to have lemon or lime juice on noard for the sailors. Lemon juice is also recommended for rhuematism.  It is tjoughjt to be an effective antidote for narcotic poinoning.  It was ussd as a medicinal food to help cool fevers.  It was used to treat jaundice, heart palpitations and the ultimate remedy for hiccoghs


The lemon tree is a small, thorny tree that grows well throughout the tropical and subtropical regions of the world. Lemons are cultivated in modest amounts for home use almost everywhere that citrus trees can survive,.  Lemon trees grow to about 3–6 m and are sparsely foliaged. Lemon trees are cold sensitive unlike her citrus cousins of Orane and Grapefruit. Lemon has a lower sugar contenet than the other two. 


Aroma-Chemistry of Lemon Essence

D-Limonene is a terpene (C10H16)  from the monoterpene chemical family and is found in very high percentages in citrus essential oils.  Limonene may be one of the most researched chemical components found in essential oils. 

  • Limonene has been found to have antioxidant properties.  This allows it to counteract the effects of free radicals, which affect DNA mutations and are cancer causing. As an antioxidant, limonene can prevent cell damage and reduce the risk of cancer.  Limonene builds up in the tissues, which is a good thing.
  • Limonene is a boost to the immune system.  In studies with rats, limonene was proven to produce more antibodies when exposed to foreign antigens. It also has been shown to fight bacteria and reduce allergic reactions.
  • Limonene is effective as a minor pain reliever.  Limonene reduced widespread pain in the bones and muscles of mice.
  • Limonene may reduce depression, stress, and anxiety as well as inflammation. D-Limonene is a selective activator of the adenosine A(2A) receptor on cell membranes. These receptors are vital for nervous system function. The lack of their activation is associated with anxiety, insomnia, and impaired dopamine transmission (addictive tendencies and lack of motivation). A lack of activation of adenosine A(2A) receptors on immune cells results in a hyperimmune response (allergic reactions). 
  • Limonene is a skin penetration enhancer.  It does this by disrupting the cells of the horny layer of the skin, so when it is included in any skin formulation, the formula will be absorbed into the dermis faster and easier.
  • It is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Very helpful in treating arthritis, bursitis, and fibromyalgia
  • Limonene was found to dissolve gallstones in a recent study. It activates several of Phase I and Phase II liver detox enzymes responsible for clearing toxins. The terpenes of d-Limonene literally dissolve fat sludge.  Think of it as an internal degreaser!
  • Limonene is also an anti-proliferative --- aka kills cancer cells

So, you can see how lemon is a powerfully medicinal oil for the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental bodies.  The Citrus oils can contain anywhere between  66 and 95 percent d limonene!

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