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Ottimo Immunita

Optimum Immunity

I formulated this blend as a sister blend to Addio Germi.  It is in response to COVID and to many requests for another highly antibacterial, antiviral and immune enhancing blend.
Ottimo Immunita - Optimum Immunity
Ottimo Immunita is a synergistic formulation of Nine Essential oils - creating a broad-spectrum immune boosting antiviral blend.
  • Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus globulus
  • Lavender - Lavandula angustifolia
  • Rosalina - Melaleuca ericifolia
  • Laurel Leaf - Laurus nobilis
  • Black pine - Pinus nigra
  • Ravensara - Ravensara aromatica
  • Ravintsara - Cinnamomum camphora ct 1,8 cineole
  • Benchmark thyme - Thymus zygis (Loefl L.)
  • Melissa - Melissa officinalis 
Melissa is an aliphatic aldehyde rich oil that possesses highly antiviral qualities. Melissa is known to also assist in boosting the immune system. She is also very calming and centering to the psyche. The aliphatic aldehydes in Melissa are geranial and neral. Melissa posseses profound immunostimulant actions and qualities.
Eucalyptus radiata is an oxide rich oil that possesses strong expectorant and anti viral properties.  According to Schnaubelt, small concentration of aldehyde renders it a powerful antiviral agent for flue, cold and viral respiratory infections. The oxide in Eucalyptus radiata is 1,8 Cineole.
Laurel Leaf is an oxide rich oil with some esters and monoterpenes.  Laurel leaf has been found to be a strong antiviral. It has good antiseptic qualities and is know to be beneficial to the lungs with its expectorant and mucolytic properties. The oxide that is present is 1,8 Cineole, the ester terpinyl acetate and the monoterpene is sabinene. In additon, Bay Laurel has been studied specifically for its effects against the SARS virus.
Benchmark Thyme - is also a very complex antimicrobial essential oil. Thyme essential oil contain components that are known to strengthen the immune system due to their antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Thyme oils also contain antioxidant properties and that has been shown to help to reduce free radical damage. Benchmark thyme brings the monoterpenols , Terpinene-4-ol (which is in tea tree) and linalol, the phenol, thymol and the monoterpene, alpha terpinene. 
Ravensara- is a powerful aid for fighting infections. It has been found to prevent bacterial infections, inhibit fungal infections, active against viral infections and acts as disinfectant. For the emotional body it is eases depression and reduces stress. Ravensara contains methyl eugenol, contains alpha pinene, delta carene, beta caryophyllene, germacrene D, limonene, linalool, methyl chavicol, sabinene, and terpineol.

Lavender - is effective in reducing the effects of asthma, making it a great anti inflammatory for the lungs and respiratory complaints. It relaxes muscles, helps with headaches, and can even relieve sinus and chest congestion.  Lavender is also known to be a powerful anxiolytic and also help with depression.

Ravintsara - is powerful for viral conditions such as cold, flu, bronchitis and other respiratory conditions. IT is also an stimulant for the immune system and has analgesic qualities.  For the emotional body, it has abalancing to the autonomic nervous system and has a calming and relaxing effect, often much needed in cases of respiratory illness.
Ravintsara is high in the oxide 1,8 Cineole aka eucalyptol

Rosalina - is an excellent oil for upper respiratory tract congestion and infection, particularly useful with small children.   It is a gentle expectorant with anti-infectious properties because of its 1,8 cineole chemical content. This essential oil is extremely gentle on the mucous membranes.as well as the skin. 

Black Pine - stimulates the elimination of secretions and soothe cough, and also they have bronchodilators and relaxing effect on the upper airways.Anti-infectious great for sinus fungal infections, analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

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