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Rosalina Essential Oil

Melaleuca ericifolia

Known as the lavender tea tree. Gentle great for kids respiratory issues.

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Essential Facts

Notes & Use

What Stillpoint "Nose"

We have come to love using Rosalina essential oil because of its gentle, yet effective ability. Rosalina essential oil can be used as a wonderful substitute and sometimes an addition to Tea Tree essential oil. There are some individuals that feel that Tea Tree is either too harsh aromatically or energetically. Because Rosalina essential oil has a lemony, almost buttery scent, it is quite appealing to most people. Rosalina essential oil has a soft, almost feminine energetic quality that is very nurturing and soothing. When one is looking for an essential oil that has strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral, immune stimulating properties, Rosalina essential oil is a fabulous choice.
We have seen Rosalina esential oil assist in fighting many different kinds of infections. When trying to eradicate any kind of bacteria in the body, there is usually both a physical and emotional distress. Because Rosalina is so gentle, yet powerful, it really can assist to address both the physical and emotional aspects of an illness. Rosalina is known as Lavender Tea Tree, thereby energetically conveying the calming, soothing nature that most people associate with Lavender, and yet most people know the multiple benefits that Tea Tree essential oil contains.
On an energetic level, Rosalina essential oil relates mainly to the fourth, or heart chakra. It really is going to address the lungs and respiratory tract, but also deeply affects the heart chakra because of its gentle, soothing nature. Rosalina can also been used on the sixth, or third eye chakra also because of its ability to assist in change – on a physical as well as an emotional/spiritual level.

Great oil for kids.  Very soft "tea tree" oil.  Aids respiratory infections and congestion.

Traditional Use of Rosalina

Rosalina essential oil is an excellent oil for upper respiratory tract congestion and infection, particularly useful with small children.   It is a gentle expectorant with anti-infectious properties because of its 1,8 cineole chemical content. This essential oil is extremely gentle on the mucous membranes.as well as the skin. 
Also because of the 1,8 cineole content, Rosalina essential oil has been effective in treating acne, boils, tinea and herpes. That is actually what the Australian people have historically used This essential oil for.  It is extremely gentle on the skin and so would make wonderful preparations to soothe and heal these skin conditions.
Rosalina essential oil contains a high amount of linalool, therefore it would be wonderful to use for relaxation and calming. It can be used effectively in a diffuser for respiratory congestion as well as for insomnia as it is so sedative.
Safety Etc.

Safety Information for Rosalina

No known specific safety concerns associated with this essential oil. This is a very gentle and safe oil. Very mild and safe on most skin types. Great for kids!


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