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Il Cielo è il Limite - Sky is the Limit Specialty Blend

They Sky is the Limit

Sky's The Limit !
We chose these oils for both their energetic properties and folklore that lies within them. Also because these four oils are extracted from green plants.  Green is associated with new beginnings, growth, divine identity in the heart chakra and spring. It is March and the luck of the Irish is among us, so these four oils make up and aromatic four leaf clover.
Bergamot (Steam Distilled)  (Citrus bergamia)  The Bergamot tree is said to have been brought by Columbus from the Canary Islands to the city of Berga, in the Province of Barcelona. Bergamot was an important remedy in Italian folk medicine.  Bergamot is considered to bring luck and money.  It is an uplifting oil that encourages happiness and joy.  This is not phototoxic as it steam distilled.
Lemon (Steam Distilled)  - (Citrus limonum) Lemons are known to resonate with the moonLemon s are both purifying and cleansing. Folkklore of lemon is awesome!  It is said that lemons were once used to rid poison from venemous creatures this being a protection agains poiison. This is not phototoxic as it steam distilled.
Green Mandarin (Citrus reticulata)  - Mandarin fruit are considered to bring luck and money.  The green color of the mandarin is a symbol of money.   Mandarin in Chinese folklore is said to bring prosperity and happiness. Energetically green mandarin helps move energy and also open the heart chakra. This is not phototoxic.
Spearmint (Mentha spicata) – Spearmint is known to represent healing, love and mental clarity. In Biblical times it was valued just as much as anise and cumin.  Spearmint also symbolized hospitality and safety.
Palo Verde Flower Essence (Parkinsonia aculeata) - This whole tree is green. It brings in the energy of transformation and transmutation.  Allows great light and vibrancy into our life

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