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1st Chakra - Stabilità - Stability


Stillpoint's FIrst Chakra blend, Stabilità,  means stability.  This blend was formulated to assist in feeling grounded, supported and safe in our physical body.
  • Red Mandarin
  • Black Spruce 
  • Buddha Wood
  • Balsam Poplar Flower Essence
First Chakra - Tribal Power

The First Chakra deals with survival and  living on the planet in a powerful yet balanced way.  Tribal means identity, group force, group will power, and belief patterns. This chakra is a grounding chakra it also manifests in our need for logic, order and structure. It is also known as the Root or Muladhara.  It affects our foundation, support and how secure and safe we feel living in our bodies on Mother Earth!  It relates to all kinds of support.    
  • Location: Base of the Spine
  • The color associated to this chakra is red.
  • Body organs that are associated with the 1st chakra
    • Physical Body Support
    • Base of Spine
    • Legs and Bones
    • Feet 
    • Rectum
    • Immune System
  • Mental and Emotional Issues associated with the 1st chakra
    • Physical family and group safety and security
    • Ability to provide for life's necessities
    • Ability to stand your ground
    • Feeling at home
    • Social and Familial Law
  • Physical Dysfunctions associated with the 1st chakra
    • Chronic lower back pain
    • Sciatica
    • Rectal tumors/Cancer
    • Depression
    • Immune related disorders
References: Stillpoints Mystery School and Anatomy of the Spirit by Carolyn Myss

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