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Thyme Synergy

Thyme thymol, Thyme linalol, Benchmark thyme

  • Thyme Synergy is a formulation of the three thyme oils at Stillpoint.  Thymus vulgaris ct thymol, Thymus vulgaris ct linalol, and Benchmark thyme,
  • Thyme essential oils, in general, contain components that are known to strengthen the immune system due to their antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Thyme oils also contain antioxidant properties and that has been shown to help to reduce free radical damage.
  • This formulation offers the benefits of each chemotype of thyme.  Thyme ct thymol brings the phenol, thymol.  Thyme ct linalol brings the monoterpernol, linalol, and Benchmark thyme brings the monoterpenols , Terpinene-4-ol (which is in tea tree) and linalol, the phenol, thymol and the monoterpene, alpha terpinene. 

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