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Tobacco Absolute

Nicotania tabacum


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Notes & Use

What Stillpoint "Nose"

Tobacco Absolute is a rare a unique absolute. This extract contains no nicotine, but has been helpful to people that want to quit smoking. It assists with the psychological aspect of quitting not the physical ones. This absolute has deep tobacco aroma. It actually reminds me of my dad smoking his pipe back in the day. 

This isn't a very easy scent to blend with and all you need is one drop.  It is traditionally used in perfunery and fragrance formulation.  It adds a masculine scent and feel to a blend.  It is especially nice to include in formulations for men and formulations that need a more masculine note.  Some of our customers feel that it adds a hint of a musky presence to the blend. 

Traditional Use of Tobacco Absolute

Traditional tobacco has been used by American Indian nations and indigenous tribes worldwide for centuries as a medicine. Tobacco is an ancient medicine with significant cultural and spiritual uses. It was used to promote physical, spiritual, emotional and community and tribe well being. Tobacco, like white sage was used as an offering to the Divine or even another person to request assistance, protection, in prayer and in ceremony. When tobacco is burned in ceremony the belief is that the smoke carries thoughts and prayers to the spirit world.


Nicotiana tabacum Linné is a robust annual branched herb up to 2.5 m (8.2 ft) tall, with large green leaves and long, trumpet-shaped, white-pinkish flowers. All parts of the plant are sticky, being covered with short viscid-glandular hairs which exude a yellow secretion containing nicotine. (Wikipedia)


Energetic, Spiritual, and Emotional Qualities of Tobacco Absolute

We use tobacco during cermony quite often, both the fresh leaves and the absolute.  Tobacco is grounding yet expansive to the psyche. This is a great exract to use in place of white sage, palo santo or sagebrush essential oils in formulas for space clearing and protection.  This absolute has a depth to it that the others lack. 

Recipes & Blends

Recipes and Blends

Tobacco blends well with the flowery scents that are diffusive and strong like Geranium, Rose, Ylang Ylang and Jasmine.  


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