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Tea Tree (Melaleuca) Essential Oil - South Africa

Melaleuca alternifolia

Go totally green with your cleaning products! 
Using essential oils to make your own cleaning products is a healthy and cost effective alternative to using toxic, commercial grade cleaners. Many cleaning products on the market today, even the ones that are labeled natural, are laced with synthetic chemicals.  Many of these chemicals are harmful to our health as well as children and pets.
Using pure, true essential oils provide anti bacterial, antiviral, anti fungal as well as disinfectant properties. Using essential oils for cleaning will make your home smell wonderful and also raise the energetic vibration of your space.
The wonderful thing about the essential oils offered for cleaning at Stillpoint Aromatics is they are reduced in price, because their use for therapeutic blending and application in aromatherapy has exhausted their shelf life.  However, they are fantastic to use in your home made cleaning products such as abrasive sink and tile scrubs, window cleaners,  counter top sprays, laundry soap and floor and furniture cleaning.

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