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Sacred Poke Flower Essence

Phytolacca americana

Limited Amount - THis will be available for a short time only
Stillpoint's Sacred Poke flower essence holds the energetic imprint of the flower and leaves of the phtolacca americana plant. The flower essence was created at 5 pm on the equinox, and was made with five each of five different components: 5 berries, 5 pieces of stem, 5 leaves, 5 pieces of root, and 5 double-terminated Tibetan quartz crystals (blessed with the intention of healing and movement). 

  • This Poke flower essence was made on the Autumnal Equinox 2021, two days after the full Harvest Moon, in magical Salem, Massachusetts, with full ceremony and the blessing and witness of the kami and animal spirits in the area. 
  • This particular Poke plant is growing in the Northwest corner of the wild and feral front yard of a dear friend. It’s infused with the energy of the sacred land in Salem. It was created with the very specific intention that it helps connect the user with whatever healing they need—emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  • We used all parts of the Poke plant for this flower essence (root, stems, leaves, and berries) so you can use it to support your entire system. 
  • Poke is a perennial, and is considered to be a weed. Resilient beyond belief, it grows rampant in disturbed soil in most parts of America. (As many herbalists say, the medicine you need the most is very likely growing right in your backyard.)
  • Mature plants that are a few years old generally reach 6-10 feet in height, with thick, meaty stalks, lush green leaves, and jewel-like strands of inky, purple berries. Some plants have been known to grow over 20 feet tall. Think of them as primordial, dinosaur plant friends with formidable juju and life force.
  • The berries give the mother essence a beautiful, light rose color.
  • Poke has a particularly stubborn, tenacious, and deep root system. If you’ve ever tried to remove it from your yard, you know this first hand. The roots are thick, woody, and expansive. They snake several feet away, springing up to sprout new plants. Once you have one Poke plant growing, you’re all but guaranteed to have many more the next season. It spreads like mad.
  • Grandmother Poke is the queen of moving stuck energy. Powerful plant medicine, many consider it to be an exquisite lymph tonic, helping to get your system moving and get the garbage out.
  • It’s fitting that we made this essence on the equinox, a time of balance and equilibrium, the tipping point from one season to the next – when everything and everyone is poised on the edge of whatever is next.
  • (It’s also fitting that we made it nearly two years into the pandemic, when many are feeling very stuck in different ways.) It sat outside for 24 hours, under bright moonlight and full sunlight, so it carries both a lunar and solar charge.
  • Call on Poke to help clear energetic stagnation, remove blockages, and bless your path forward. (Want to supercharge your release?
  • Ask Ganesh, expert remover of obstacles, to sit with you and help you with your work.)
  • Poke is also an old folk remedy for rheumatism, stiffness, and inflammation. Use it for any condition where swelling or frozen energy is an issue. 
  • From a numerology point of view, this flower essence carries the energy of the number five.
  • The plant itself is roughly five years old. The flower essence was created at 5 pm on the equinox, and was made with five each of five different components: 5 berries, 5 pieces of stem, 5 leaves, 5 pieces of root, and 5 double-terminated Tibetan quartz crystals (blessed with the intention of healing and movement).
  • It embodies the energy of manifestation, motion, and the holy protection of the witch’s five-pointed star.
  • So, what’s it like where this particularPoke plant grows? A few words about its home.
  • To start, it’s nestled squarely in the middle of a 15-year-old bamboo patch. Bamboo’s energy is firm but flexible, and of staying strong under pressure. The wind blows the bamboo but does not break it. It’s sturdy, waterproof, hard to cut, and even harder to destroy. Bamboo is a survivor.
  • t also grows beneath the protective canopy of a tall sugar maple tree that holds a generations-old squirrel nest in it. A few times a year, five or six squirrel babies scamper up and down from the safety of their little house. (In fact, a squirrel hopped up on the table twice and hung out with us for a few minutes when we were bottling.) The area radiates a sense of sweetness and playfulness.
  • In terms of animal medicine, it’s growing directly above a groundhog burrow. Groundhogs are true hibernators (when they sleep for the winter, they are all but dead). They teach the cyclical medicine of death and rebirth, trance, and spirit walking during sleep and dreamtime. Groundhogs are truly little furry shamans, skilled at walking between the worlds.
  • A large family of rabbits hops through the area frequently, and a mother possum once waddled through this Poke patch with four fluffy babies riding on her back. So, the birth and rebirth energy of the general environment is strong. 
  • This flower essence offers you the chance to experience this plant’s powerful energy in a homeopathic way.  This is completely safe for everyone!  THIS IS THE BEAUTY OF FLOWER ESSENCES! 
  • Like any good remedy, as Paracelsus would say, the dose determines whether something is medicine or poison.
  • Please note that the Poke plant itself is toxic.. The Flower Essence is COMPLETELY SAFE as it is the solar and lunar energetic imprint of the plant, not the plant itself,  Energetically, Poke teaches moderation and balance. It also teaches respect. Take a little, it may very likely help. Take a lot, it may very likely harm 
A word about flower essences in general - Flower Essences capture the energetic imprint, or signature of a plant. Flowers are the highest expression of the life force of a plant, this energy and expression is transferred into and captured by water, and preserved with brandy. Recent research indicates that water holds memory and also has a consciousness.
Flower essences are usually taken internally. A drop or two under the tongue or four drops in a glass of water sipped throughout the day. They also can be used topically. But they are purely energetic. No fillers, no oil, not essential oil, not a hydrosol or essential water.

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