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Autumnal Flower Essence

Stillpoint's New Autumnal Equinox Flower Essence was created at the time of the Equinox and holds the energetic imprint of the Fall Equinox.
Flowers of Marigolds, Roses and Chrysanthemums, crystals of Carnelian, Red Jasper and Hematite  were solarized and lunarized in fresh spring water for 24 hours during the Equinox to create this essence.  Autumnal Essence assists with grounding, moving through transitional times and events, encourages introspection and growth. It is the energy and magic of Autumn in a bottle :)
Flowers of:
  • Marigold - has strong ties to the sun and is believed to have the power to resurrect - it is the fflower or death and rebirth and of new beginnings. In the Middle Ages, marigolds were frequently carried as love and good luck charm!  y
  • Chrysanthemums -  have a strong association with happiness and cheer. They are aslo known to  represent joy, optimism and longervity
  • Rose (Ivory color) - represents charm, thoughtfulness and gracefulness. 

Crystals of:

  • Carnelian – Gives a boost to our energy on days when the changing of seasons and ouor moods can be challenging. 
  • Red Jasper – An extremely grounding stone, however it is also vibrant, stregnthening and provides a sense of endurance.
  • Hematite – Enhances memory and also memories. It also helps with deep thoughts, introspection and reflection.
How to Use:
A word about flower essences in general - Flower Essences capture the energetic imprint, or signature of a plant. Flowers are the highest expression of the life force of a plant, this energy and expression is transferred into and captured by water, and preserved with brandy. Recent research indicates that water holds memory and also has a consciousness.
Flower essences are usually taken internally. A drop or two under the tongue or four drops in a glass of water sipped throughout the day. They also can be used topically. But they are purely energetic. No fillers, no oil, not essential oil, not a hydrosol or essential water.

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