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Trumpet Vine Flower Essence

Campsis radicans

Stillpoint's Trumpet Vine flower essence holds the energetic imprint or the blooming flower of the trumpet vine plant.  The vine from which the blossoms came is currently growing wildly in our back garden.  This particular flower essence holds the intention of endurance, pushing through, protection and rising above.

Assists in:

  • Helping you rise above any challenging situation
  • Expanding your horizons by reaching out in many different directions
  • Complete protection when you want to be hidden and not seen
  • Developing assertiveness in a balanced way 
  • Cultivating the ability to say no with ease and without guilt
  • Endurance - never giving up
  • Take back what is rightfully yours in a balanced way
  • Feeling confident and releasing all sense of disempowerment

A word about flower essences in general - Flower Essences capture the energetic imprint, or signature of a plant. Flowers are the highest expression of the life force of a plant, this energy and expression is transferred into and captured by water, and preserved with brandy. Recent research indicates that water holds memory and also has a consciousness.

Flower essences are usually taken internally.  A drop or two under the tongue or a drops in a glass of water sipped throughout the day.  They also can be used topically.  But they are purely energetic. No fillers, no oil, not essential oil, not a hydrosol or essential water

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