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All About Frankincense - Deep Dive Spotlight Class

March Spotlight Class
All About Frankincense
Presented by -Joy (me) and Robin Kessler, CA

4 Hour Spotlight Class
This was recorded live on Wednesday, March 29th

Frankly Speaking: My dear friend Robin Kessler and I will take a deep dive into the similarities and differences of many species of Boswellia (Frankincense) essential oils and resins and Hydrosols.

I am so excited to be teaching with my dear friend Robin Kessler for this month's Spotlight class. Robin's expertise is Frankincense, in particular the resin and we are  joining forces in March!

Frankincense from the Boswellia genus is one of the most popular essential oils used for a variety of reasons. There are numerous ways to use the essential oil and there are numerous ways to use the resin (that many people do not know of). Frankincense is an aromatic resin used in incense and perfumes, for medicinal reasons and extracted to obtain essential oils and Co2 extracts.

In this spotlight class Robin and I will discuss Everything Frankincense
The Species - The Resins - The Essential Oils

Learn all about how to use the resin and the essential oil of several different species.
  • Learn the differences between the species
  • Learn the different therapeutic values of the resin and the essential oil
  • Learn different formulas using the resin, the essential oil and the hydrosol
  • We will discuss the following species in depth
    • Boswellia papyrifera
    • Boswellia carteri
    • Boswellia serrata
    • Boswellia sacra
    • Boswellia frereana
    • Boswellia neglecta
    • Boswellia rivae

You will also receive:

  • PDF of the powerpoint
  • Discount at Stillpoint Aromatics
  • Discount at Robins Resins Plus
This class will be so much fun, highly informative and expansive.  Join us on March 29th which is a perfect time for this class.  It is after the Equinox and right before Passover and Easter.  Very timely, if you ask me to deep dive into one of the oldest and most sacred aromatics.

This class will be offered LIVE and recorded, so you do not need to be present to benefit. The recording is your forever! You do not want to miss this! 

Hope you join us

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