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Sweetgrass Hydrosol

Hierochloe odorata

Distilled from the leaf of the Hierochloe odorata grass
Artisan Crafted in the USA
Distillation date Summer 2020
Shelf Life is 12 - 14 months
Ph is 6.1
Aroma is distinctive like fresh, spring rain
Taste is mild, sweet and fresh

Sweetgrass Hydrosol is one of the most powerful hydrosols to clear energetic space. The burning of Sweetgrass for ceremonial purposes has been part of the native culture in North America. Sweetgrass was once used in Europe as a strewing herb where it was laid at the entrance to churches - especially on saints’ days. It is believed that the practice of using the grass in European churches gave rise to the botanical name Hierochloe or Holy grass. Sweetgrass is distilled purely for the hydrosol, as no essential oil is produced from the distillation.
Therapeutic and Energetic Uses of Sweetgrass Hydrosol:
  • Uplifting and extremely  energetically protective
  • Powerful for space clearing and smudging
  • Excellent for removing old energeric debris and energies on all levels
  • Use as an invocation spray to "set and call in new energies"
  • Beautiful deodorizer for rooms and cars alone or blended with essential oils
  • May be helpful for sore throats
  • Can be used on scrapes and cuts
  • May be helpful to stop bleeding
When not in use, store in a cool dark place.  A refrigerator is great!

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