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Il Quarto


Limited Edition Blends are formulated specifically with the therapeutic and energetic properties in mind. Often times they are formulated with the astrological influences and/or energies and meaning of  the particular day and because of this the supply is limited. This is the case with Il Quarto.

This particular blend will be formulated on the 4th of July and the flower essence will be decanted on the fourth as well.  IL Quarto means 4th. It is representative of the 4th of July and also of the 4th chakra. The fourth chakra is where we hold our Divine Identity, Unconditional Love of Self and Others, and Connection to  what we feel is Divine Source. It is the place of our passion, drive and strength. When our heart "is in it" we can do anything!

Il Quarto is formulated to help clear and strengthen our heart chakra, connect to that Divine Source, our own inner divinity, and our innate free nature. It is a synergistic blend of Spanish Marjoram, Spanish Sage, Spike Lavender, and Mugwort Essential Oils with the addition of 4th of July Flower Essence. Il Quarto is also a wonderful respiratory blend to open the lungs and help get a "breath of fresh air" physically, emotionally and spiritually.

This holiday is the celebration of the birth of a nation... America. This is a day for all of us who believe and hold dear the original dream of Freedom to individually and collectively re-declare and re-claim our independence. Il Quarto contains the energy of rebirth, new direction and freedom, and hope for the future  - which I really think we are needing right now in our world. 


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