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2020 Wolf Full Moon Blend Limited Edition

Stock Blend

2020 Wolf Moon Specialty Blend


The January Full Moon is called the Wolf Moon.  In addition to the full Wolf Moon comes a penumbral lunar eclipse, which occurs when the Moon passes through Earth’s faint outer shadow (the penumbra). This is one of 6 eclipses happening in 2020.  Stillpoint's 2020 Wolf Moon Blend was formulated with the planetary action in mind.  Energetically it offers protection, expansiveness, luck, balance and new beginnings.  Therapeutically is is wonderful for aches and pains, muscular soreness, and helpful for the respiratory system.  It is also good for overwhelm and nervous thinking. 

  • Bergamot Steam Distilled (Citrus bergamia)- Bergamot essential oil is great to use when we want to start anew. Bergamot wants us to succeed. Bergamot is cheering for us, helping to instill confidence in every ounce of our being. Bergamot helps to clear out from our cells the "old" energy, helps us transform ourselves, recreate ourselves and regenerate.
  • Lavender Wild (Lavandula angustifolia)- Connects us to the Divine source within us. She is balancing and centering to the spirit and also eases the psyche. Lavender was used to increase intelligence and attract happiness. Lavender connects us to the sweetness of life and also protects.
  • Marjoram (Origanum majorana) - Assists in calming the spirit and psyche dealing with grief or the after effects of abuse. Marjoram offers protective energetic qualities to help remain grounded and centered She also protects against bad luck and negative energies. She helps us build up our reserve and find our own power.
  • Black Pepper (Piper nigrum) -  Is known to be a Mars (as in warrior) herb that builds protection, strength, confidence and creation. It helps to invoke the influence of Venus to grant ones wishes.  It is protective.  Black Pepper is distilled from the dried fruit and correlates to the second chakra for creation. The color black connects us to the night sky.
  • Cedarwood (Cedrus atlantica)- Cedarwood tree is a majestic tree and imparts an energetic strength and fortitude. It is grounding and calming and helps us to feel more centered and balanced. This oil brings depth and meaning when we are feeling a bit lost or confused. When we use this oil, we feel the wisdom and clarity of the tree being infused into our energy
  • Nutmeg (Myristica fragrans)  - Nostradamus used nutmeg to enhance his visions back in the day. It is expansive for the psyche and assists in tapping into our creation energy. Nutmeg also is known to bring luck, protection and good fortune. Nutmeg is warming and also spicy. It enlivens and also calms the spirit.
  • Moon Flower Essence – Captures the energy of the full moon. 

This is also available in an inhaler

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