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Lavender Flower Essence

Lavandula angustifolia

Stillpoint's Lavender flower essence holds the energetic imprint of the flower and leaves of the lavender plant. These flowers were harvested by hand with great care and intention. This particular flower essence is a soothing essence.   The flowers for this essence were hand picked at dusk from our sacred garden.
Assists in:
  • Allows us to feel unconditional self love
  • Assists us in believing what others may think unachievable
  • Removes the chains of what is expected and allows the impossible to be possible
  • Assists us to achieve yin/yang balance within ourselves
  • Encourages an inward sense of awareness
  • Removes energetic blockages
  • Assists with reducing emotional tension
  • Connects us to higher consciousness and the crown chakra
  • Helps us find the purity in situations that may be clouding our vision
A word about flower essences in general - Flower Essences capture the energetic imprint, or signature of a plant. Flowers are the highest expression of the life force of a plant, this energy and expression is transferred into and captured by water, and preserved with brandy. Recent research indicates that water holds memory and also has a consciousness.
Flower essences are usually taken internally. A drop or two under the tongue or four drops in a glass of water sipped throughout the day. They also can be used topically. But they are purely energetic. No fillers, no oil, not essential oil, not a hydrosol or essential water.

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