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Thyme, Lemon Essential Oil - USA Limited Reserve

Thymus x citriodorus

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Essential Facts

Notes & Use

What Stillpoint "Nose"

Lemon Thyme is not your ordinary thyme.  Infact, we have two Lemon Thymes.  One from Spain and the other one from USA.

This is why it is imperative to know the botanical name of your extract and NOT to rely on the common names


  • This thyme contains a great deal of Citral.  Citral is an aliphatic aldehyde and we find that in oils like Melissa. 


  • This thyme contains a great amount of Eucalpytol.  Eucalyptol is otherwise known as 1,8 cineole and that is what we find in eucalyputs essential oils.


Thymus x citriodorus, commonly known as lemon thyme, is a hybrid thyme that is well-known for its lemon scent. It is a cross between Thymus pulegioides (broad-leaved thyme) and Thymus vulgaris (common thyme).
Lemon thyme is a small perennial shrub that typically grows up to 15 cm (6 in) in height. It has small, narrow, elliptical leaves that are dark green on top and lighter underneath. The leaves are highly aromatic, releasing a strong lemony fragrance when crushed. It produces clusters of light lavender to pink flowers in early to mid-summer, which are highly attractive to bees and other pollinators.
Like other thymes, lemon thyme prefers well-drained soil and plenty of sun. It's hardy and drought-tolerant once established, making it a good choice for rock gardens, herb gardens, borders, or as a ground cover.
Recipes & Blends

Recipes and Blends

Citrus Uplift Synergy Stock Blend

  • Lemon - 6 drops
  • Bergamot - 5 drops
  • Sweet orange - 10 drops
  • Lemon Thyme (USA) - 14 drops
Groinding Stock Blend
  • Rosemary ct verbenone - 9 drops
  • True sage - 2 drops
  • Exotic Basil - 3 drops
  • Lemon Thyme (USA) - 10 drops
Clear Your Mind Stock Blend
  • Lemon thyme (USA) 9 drops
  • Lavender angustifolia - 9 drops
  • Roman Chamomile - 4 drops
  • Cinnamon Bark - 2 drops


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