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Linden Organic Hydrosol

Tilia vulgaris

The aroma of this is not like the sweet linden flower.  I find it to be a soft green note with a sllight floral scent.  This is distilled from the leaves, hence the green aroma

Distilled from the leaves of the Tilia viglaris plant
Artisan Crafted in Provence, France                  
Distillation Date Summer 2021
Aroma is light, greenish, slightly floral
Taste is green

  • Promotes a sense of calm and relaxation
  • Beneficial for digestive issues
  • Healing for skin issues - such as eczema. psoriasis and red an inflamed skin
  • Tonifying for the hair 
  • Sedative and relaxing
  • Assists in befriending the self 
  • Beneficial for all skin types and all skin irritations
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety
  • Lessens depression especially if combined with Neroli Hydrosol
  • Known to help reduce the pain of migraines
  • According to Suzanne, it can be helpful when used internally during a shingles outbreak
  • Safe to use with babies as well as Lavender or Roman Chamomile Hydrosols
When not in use, store in a cool dark place.  A refrigerator is great!

References: Catty, Suzanne Hydrosols The Next Aromatherapy Healing Arts Press, Rochester, VT 2001

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