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Maritime Pine Essential Oil

Pinus pinaster

This oil assists us in going with the flow of life. Effective respiratory aid.

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Essential Facts

Notes & Use

What Stillpoint "Nose"

Pine Essential Oils in general are wonderful supporters of the respiratory system and are grounding. This is also true for Maritime Pine Essential OIl. However, Maritime or Sea Pine essential oil adds a different energetic and chemical aspect to that of which we find in most other pine essential oils. As with many pines, this oil is distilled from the needles of the pine tree. This is where the tree takes in breath and thus supports the human respiratory system. They also are known for their anti-bacterial, antiseptic properties and their ability to support the immune system.

Pine trees are strong trees - majestic in size. Energetically they are extremely grounding and also assist us in reaching for the sky. The interesting energetic quality that maritime pine possesses is that this oil can help us to remember how to go with the flow in life. Maritime Pine grows near the water’s edge in coastal regions on the Mediterranean so this essential oil can assist us to stay balanced in the ebb and flow of life just as this pine tree does by the sea.

We have found that this oil is wonderful when working with the root chakra (1st chakra) for grounding and support. It is also very effective for the heart chakra (4th chakra) for unconditional love, and the brow chakra (6th chakra) for allowing in different perspectives.

Traditional Use of Maritime Pine

Maritime Pine is also known as Sea Pine. It is found growing in the Mediterranean coastal areas in Europe. In North Africa it is found in Malta, Monaco, Morocco, Algeria, and the Atlas mountains of Northwest Africa, and has been introduced to those areas of South Africa with a Mediterranean climate.

This essential oil is very effective for the flu and respiratory infections. Sea Pine is an ideal oil for a diffuser. It is an expectorant and drying so it is best not to use in the early stages of a respiratory infection when the mucous is hard and the cough is painful. Best to be used when there is an excess of mucous.

The interesting thing about Maritime Pine is that it has a higher ester content than the other pine essential oils. This adds to its analgesic effect as well as giving it sedative and anti anxiety properties. Maritime pine has also been found to beneficial for rheumatoid pain and arthritis.

Recipes & Blends

Recipes and Blends

Respiratory Steam Blend

  • 12 drops Martime pine (Pinus pinaster)
  • 6 drops Myrtle (Myrtus communis)
  • 3 drops Inula (Inula graveolens)

Create a stock blend using the recipe above. Pour approximately four to six cups of very hot water (heat in a kettle or a pot) water into the bowl. Add one drop of the respiratory stock blend to the water. With your head at approximately arm's length away, cover your head with the towel.

Note: Do not bring your face too close to the water. This recipe will yield approximately 10 steam inhalations. Please note you can also use this stock blend in a diffuser (5 or so drops in diffuser) or an inhaler.

Safety Etc.

Safety Information for Maritime Pine

No know specific safety concerns associated with this essentail oil. Although can be a skin irritant if oxidized or if sensitive skin.


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