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Mastic Essential Oil

Pistacia lentiscus

Decongestant for the lymph and veins as well as great for respiratory issues. Helpful in reducing edema.

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Essential Facts

Notes & Use

What Stillpoint "Nose"

We have seen remarkable results using Mastic essential oil and spider veins. These tiny veins just below the surface of the skin, are related to varicose veins, for which Mastic essential oil is also recommended.
It is an energetically complex essential oil. It has a similar property to Peppermint in its ability to clear away old, stagnant energies. In fact, this is what Mastic seems to do best, clearing on the physical as well as energetic levels.
 In our energy training, we learned the power of the crone, the wise woman. As we move into the crone energy, we can no longer ignore our inner world it takes on a new meaning and a degree of importance. The crone is the wise woman, the one that sees beyond the surface into the depths. She is deeply connected to her spiritual essence and to the wisdom that resides there. This seems to be the power that Mastic essential oil possesses.

Traditional Use of Mastic

Mastic essential oil is known to be a lymphatic and circulatory decongestant. Because of its vaso-constricitng properties, Mastic is known to help with spider and varicose veins. 
There are some wonderful pain relieving benefits that Mastic essential oil possesses. The high monterpene content provide and analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect. 

Mastic essential oil is also wonderful for the respiratory system. It has an airborne anti-microbial action that is greatly needed when dealing with any respiratory issue. It can be used for bronchitis as well as colds and flu.
Recipes & Blends
Safety Etc.

Safety Information for Mastic

No specific safety concerns associated with this essential oil. However, if Mastic becomes oxidized it may cause skin sensitization or irritation.


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