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Mugwort Organic Hydrosol - VERY Rare

Artemesia absinthium

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Distilled from Artemesia absinthium plant
Artisan Crafted in the USA
Distillation date Summer 2021 - Night of the Solsitce
Aroma is herbal and woody
Taste is herbaceous, astringent and green
Quite rare. Limited Supply!
Mugwort Hydrosol is known to facilitate safe, lucid dreaming! Just mist your pillow and sheets before bedtime. It is deeply energertic and spiritual by nature.  The plant itself is burned in many Native ceremonies for space clearing and meditiation. It was believed that Mugwort in your shoes will help keep your strength up in long walks and generally protect you during a journey (hence the name Traveler’s herb). Mugwort hydrosol can be used as part of a cleansing program to clean the blood, detoxify the liver, and imporve overall digestion.
Note: May stimulate menses. Do not use when pregnant,  with babies or young children.

Therapeutic and Energetic Uses of Mugwort Hydrosol:

  • Facilitates and enhances various types of energy work and meditation
  • Doorway to dream time
  • Assists in invesitgating one's own psyche
  • Circulatory stimulant
  • Aids antiparasitic treatments
  • Useful for respiratory issues especially those related to allergies
  • Balancing for the reproductive system


When not in use, store in a cool dark place.  A refrigerator is great!


Catty, Suzanne. Hydrosols, The Next Aromatherapy. Vermont: Healing Arts Press. 2001


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