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Rose Alba Organic Hydrosol

Rosea alba

Distilled from the flowers of Rosea alba
Artisan Crafted in France
Distillation Date Summer 2019
Shelf Life is quite stable, at least 2 years
Aroma is exactly like fresh roses
Taste is ethereal, delicate & delicious when diluted. Very strong undiluted
  • Astringent, Cooling. 
  • Relieves stress, comforts the spirit & strengthens the heart. 
  • Hormone balancer, 
  • Addresses PMS, moodiness & cramping. 
  • It’s humectant properties make it beneficial for dry, mature & sensitive skin. 
  • It has anti wrinkle properties 
  • Makes a wonderful room & body spray. 
  • It is helpful in a post partum sitz bath. 
  • A great hydrosol to keep in your first aid kit. 
  • Rose has an affinity to the heart & the emotions
  • Beneficial for the mind, body & spirit. 
  • Assists with self love. 
Storage: When not in use, store in a cool, dark place. A refrigerator is great. 
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