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Poured with conscious intention and love for you by hand

Rose Alba Organic Hydrosol

Rosea alba

Distilled from the flowers of Rosea alba
Artisan Crafted in France
Distillation Date Summer 2019
Shelf Life is quite stable, at least 2 years
Aroma is exactly like fresh roses
Taste is ethereal, delicate & delicious when diluted. Very strong undiluted
  • Astringent, Cooling. 
  • Relieves stress, comforts the spirit & strengthens the heart. 
  • Hormone balancer, 
  • Addresses PMS, moodiness & cramping. 
  • It’s humectant properties make it beneficial for dry, mature & sensitive skin. 
  • It has anti wrinkle properties 
  • Makes a wonderful room & body spray. 
  • It is helpful in a post partum sitz bath. 
  • A great hydrosol to keep in your first aid kit. 
  • Rose has an affinity to the heart & the emotions
  • Beneficial for the mind, body & spirit. 
  • Assists with self love. 
Storage: When not in use, store in a cool, dark place. A refrigerator is great. 
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