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Ponderosa Pine Organic Hydrosol

Pinus ponderosa

Distilled from the needles of the pinus poderosa tree
Artisan Crafted Sedona/Flagstaff
Distillation date Summer 2023
Shelf Life is  very stable
Aroma is smooth with a delicate floral hint
is somewhat sweet, piney and gentle
Ponderosa Pine Hydrosol is a wonderful general tonic and an effective immune system stimulant.  It is extremely energizing when used as a body spray.  Ponderosa pine offers an uplifting yet grounding and settling energy. Great to use in baths, showers, saunas and humidifiers for its respiratory benefits.

Therapeutic and Energetc Uses of Ponderosa Pine Hydrosol:
  • Great as a facial toner and deodorant
  • Anti inflammatory for muscle, joint and tissue pain
  • Helps to improve physical energy and stamina
  • Great antifungal for toes and nails
  • Particularly helpful for toning or "fixing" the skin
  • Great for cleaning, clearing the air of microbes
  • Effective to cleanse and purify the energetic environment
  • Fantastic air freshener.  Brings the outside indoors
When not in use, store in a cool dark place.  Refrigeration is great!

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