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Prosperity Kit

This kit contains 1oz Avocado Oil and 5mls of the following essential oils:
Lemon (Citrus Limon) Lemon essential oil acts as a spiritual cleanser. In this way, it helps erase any “doorways” and or openings that we may hold in lack thinking.   It allows the psyche to attract positivity and abundance.  It opens one to the fruitfulness of life.  Lemon essential oil is distilled from the rind of the fruit.  This serves also as protection.  Fruit oils also hold the great potential for expansion, creativity and growth.
Basil (Ocimum basilicum ct linalool) Sweet Basil essential oil has long been associated with money and abundance in folklore. For this effect, you would inhale basil or eat a leaf while visualizing money flowing into your pockets and bank account. Some say the name basil originates from the Greek word basileus, or king, because the aroma was so wonderful it is fit for a king’s castle.  Basil essential oil also helps with the expansion of the conscious mind.
Ginger (Zingiber officinale) Ginger essential oil is associated with optimism, positivity and the ability to manifest and take action.  It is associated with magical energy, money and courage.  Ginger was once known to be worth more than its weight in gold.  Its pungent scent is appropriate for bringing in wealth and money. The golden color of the root and the spicy scent represent vibrancy, warmth and life. The essential oil is distilled from the root, which provides support, nourishment, and grounding.
Prosperity kit recipe
1 oz Avocado oil
3 drops Basil ct linalool essential oil
5 drops Ginger essential oil
5 drops Lemon essential oil

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