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Chamomile, Roman Essential Oil

Anthemis nobilis

Great oil to relax the nerves, relieve spasm, and ease pain.

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Essential Facts

Notes & Use

What Stillpoint "Nose"

Roman Chamomile essential oil is a must in your aroma medicine bag.  This is one of the oils that there really is not a good substitution for.  It is one of a kind, for sure.

Roman chamomile essential oil is usually found in antispasmodic blends for the digestive system.  And that is a truth.  Application of  a few drops of R, Chamomile essential oil on your belly when it is cramping is like magic.  

So, it is beneficial for all things digestive and menstrual   

  • PMS
  • Chrone's disease
  • Colitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Gas and bloating
  • Colic in babies ( Yes, one drop in a tablespoon of carrier)

Roman Chamomile's benefits reach far beyond that.  It is important to remember that R. Chamomile is made up of mostly Esters One of the powerful therapeutic properties of esters in very effective antispasmodic..  And this means it is antispasmodic for the entire system.

So Roman Chamomile is wonderful:

  • For the Muscular system.  It is a great for muscle spasms, restless legs and charley horses
  • For the Respiratory system.  It is one of the premier oils to use in an inhaler or nebulizer for spasmodic coughs, asthama, COPD, sinusitis, rhnitis 
  • For the CNS ( Central Nervous System) because of its soothing and calming properties.  Helps "the brain relax)
  • For all skin issues ( while this is not acting as anantispasmodic per say, it soothes and reduces skin inflammation.
  • For insomnia and restlessness 

Regarding Asthma:

Roman Chamomile is a fantastic oil to use in blends for people that suffer from asthma.  !,8 cineole rich oils can be restricting for some people who suffer from Asthma.


Roman Chamomile is perennial This means that the plant grows for more than two years.  The plants reach approximately 4 to 12  inches high. It makes a great gro9und cover. The leavers are feathery, the flowers are daisy like,  Beautifully delicate and has the aroma of apples.   The common bane of this plant is chamomile.  Be careful not to confuse it with German Chamomile. While it grows in a wide variety of countries not, the plant is nateive to Western Europe. It blooms dfrom June to September. R. Chamomile likes fiull sun to partial shade  the flower is wjite with a tinge of yellow in the center.


Energetic, Spiritual, and Emotional Qualities of Chamomile, Roman

Roman chamomiles energetics are quite powerful as well.  IN the emotional realm, we find Roman Chamomile to have a cooling and sedating effect on hysteria and anxiety.  It has a way of bringing you to your center and feel safe. We have used R. Chamomile  whenever the emotional or mental bodies are  in "spasms, so to speak". It settles down the emotional body and mental limbic wheel.  We also find this oil to be uplifting and happy with a sparkle of child like joy.

In Vibrational Aromatic Medicine, we have found Roman Chamomile to assist in seeing things in a clear way.  It grounds and at the same time helps the heart chakra open,  the sixth chakra (where the gift of vision)  become clear and focused, the second chakra to feel nurtured and safe, and lastly the 7th, or crown chakra for its expansiove and ability to help see old beliefs that no longer serve us clearly

Traditional Folklore

The use of Roman Chamomile as a medicine goes way way back!
  • Greece, Dioscorides used the herb to treat intestinal as well as liver disorders. He also used it for anxiety, fear  imbalances in the nervous system. And for women's issues- menstruation, menopause, pregnancy.  The Greeks called it "ground apple"
  • Egypt, the chamomile plant was so honored that they associated it with their sun god. There is indication they used it for skin issues and for the hair.
  • Rome, Pliny (Physician) used the chamomile flower/plant for relief of headaches, and inflammation in the liver, kidney skin and digestive issues.
  • It is believed that the colonists brought the seeds to America

In the esoteric world Chamomile has been known to:

  • Soothes a restless spirit
  • Is a connection to call on  gentle nature spirits. 
  • Attracts prosperity
  • Love
  • Keep unwanted energies or entities from entering your home.
  • Arrange chamomile flowers in a circular pattern around self for protection.

The fairie kingdom loves the white chamomile flowers!


Aroma-Chemistry of Chamomile, Roman

Roman chamomile is a unique oil as it mostly consists of Esters 50 to 65 percent.  If you haven't looked at the GCMS yet, check it out!  Esters is one of the chemical families that is extremely safe to use (with the exception of Methyl salicylate (which is found  in Birch  (Betula lenta) and in Wintergreen (Gaultheria fragmentissima wall).  

Some of the top therapeutic properties of R . Chamomile

  • Antispasmodic
  • Carmiinative ( Good for digestion)
  • Sedative for the CNS  - helps uou relax, effective against anxiety attacks, nervous tension
  • Cicatrisant (skin  healing)
  • Anti inlammatory (reduces inflamation)

We mentioned this in a previous section but it is worth repeating.  Roman chamomile essential oil very effective for those suffering from asthama.  Eucalytus type oils can be too harsh.  
In fact, the pharmaceutical companies have been trying to duplicate R. Chamomile's anti asthma properties.


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