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Sandalwood Wild Harvested Hydrosol - Full Bodied

Santalum spicatum

Distilled from the wood of Santalum spicatum tree
Artisan Crafted in Australia
Distillation date  April 2021
Shelf Life is stable,  approximately 24 months
Aroma is soft, dry, delicate and full bodied
 is dry and pleasant and holds up wilth dilution
This distillation of Sandalwoood is full bodied with a fragrant sweet aroma
Sandalwood Essential Oil is a rich and sweet scented essential oil known as an aid to meditation, spiritual growth, and an aphrodisiac.  Sandalwood Hydrosol soothes irritation, both physically and emotionally.  It is fantastic for the skin and works synergistically when combined with Cistus and Frankincense hydrosols. In fact, sandalwood hydrosol shares many properties with Cornflower Hydrosol, as they can be used interchangeably.  It is safe for both internal and external applications.
Therapeutic and Energetic Uses:
  • Acts as a tonic for the immune system
  • Effective for urinary tract infections
  • Helps protect internal wounds and ulcers from infections if ingested
  • Protects wounds, sores, boils, pimples etc. from infections and from getting septic when applied on the skin
  • Balancing to the central nervous system and the skin
  • Useful in treating acne, and useful in soothing a rash
  • Mildly anti-inflammatory
  • Combine with Helichrysum hydrosol for a  mouthwash for gingivitis or post dental surgery
  • Lifts depression
  • Calms the nervous and circulatory systems
  • Clears the energetic field
When not in use, store in a cool dark place.  A refrigerator is great!
Catty, Suzanne. Hydrosols, The Next Aromatherapy. Vermont: Healing Arts Press. 2001

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