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Hope Limited Edition

Hope Limited Editon Blend
Hope…. We believe that hope is much more than hoping to win lotto, hoping to get the job, hoping that we don’t miss the plane….
Hope, to us is a deeper knowing deep in our soul.  Hopelessness is a feeling of defeat and of no possibilities, so hope is a message to the universe that all is well and that all will be alright.  No matter how circumstances seem.  Hope is belief and knowingness, sort of like a rebirth.
This blend is a representative of this.  
Our limited edition hope blend consists of all Co2 totals of flowers in jojoba wax. This is significant because when a flower is extracted by this method, the totality of the flower is extracted.
German Chamomile Co2 total extract(Matricaria chamomilla)-  The flower of German Chamomile represents safety, truth, integrity and softness.
Lilac Co2 total extract (Syringa vulgaris)   The flower of the lilac bush represents magic, spirituality, love, wisdom, and trusting oneself.
Elderflower Co2 total extract(Sambucus nigra)    The flower of the Elder Tree  represents death and rebirth,  power of the fairies, wood spirits and elves and protection.
Rose Co2 total extract (Rosa damascena) The flower of the rose bush represents unconditional love, respect and belief in  one’s self, honor, faith and passion.
Jojoba wax (Simmondsia chinensis) The jojoba seed represents  both immortality and death ( of old patterns).

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